A high-speed UFO was caught on video in Argentina

In Argentina, a group of friends went out to relax in nature and they also decided to play volleyball there. While one of them was trying to film the game, a high-speed UFO was caught on video flying over the trees in the background.

One guy from the company decided to deliberately film the video in very slow motion to show in detail the trick of his friend hitting the ball with his head. 

If he had filmed this video at normal speed, they most likely would not have noticed the flying UFO at all, because it would have flashed by in an instant.

The video quickly went viral on the Spanish-speaking Internet. Skeptics immediately suggested that it was not a UFO that got into the frame, but a bird simply flying very quickly.

But if it is a bird, then, firstly, it must be quite large, the size of an eagle, and secondly, even eagles do not fly so fast along such a trajectory; at such a speed they can only dive down when they notice prey.

Believers in UFOs, for their part, believe that such high-speed objects actually fly above us all the time, and they very rarely get into the frame when shooting video for the sole reason that people who often shoot video on the street or in nature overall not so much. 

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