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Men in Black and UFO Caught on Camera: Real or Hoax?

The ufological organization MUFON was sent a video of the alleged Men in Black and their accompanying UFO, which was filmed by a door camera.

Men in Black Caught on Camera With a UFO

And only then was a UFO ball seen on the recording, motionless hovering behind the man farthest from the camera. This UFO ball appears out of nowhere when the recording begins and remains in the frames until the end of the video. It is not stated whether he disappeared when the men left.

Men in Black and UFO Caught on Camera: Real or Hoax?

Two men in dark suits and black glasses persistently knock on the door several times and talk quietly to each other, but the words cannot be heard. There was no one in the house at that moment, but the woman living in it immediately received a camera recording of the strangers’ visit on her phone.

The woman’s son decided that these strange men looked suspiciously like the Men in Black, who usually come to those who have seen UFOs or aliens and ask them not to tell anyone about what they saw. 

It is not known whether the woman was an eyewitness to a UFO or maybe just some officials came to her, but the nature of the strange ball with a metallic sheen still remains completely incomprehensible. 

Men in Black and UFO Caught on Camera: Real or Hoax?

This video was posted on the Internet by the odious ufologist Scott Waring. In his opinion, this is an extremely rare case when the Men in Black were actually caught on a surveillance camera, and the UFO ball accompanying them was probably some kind of surveillance drone.

He also writes that the Men in Black don’t necessarily only visit UFO witnesses, they also track those who have been abducted by aliens and tagged with “tracking chips.” In this case, the victim herself may not remember anything about her abduction.

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