A man captured photos of a Bigfoot peeping through a window

Legends of large, ape-like beasts can be found all over the world.
These ape-like mythical creatures are known as Bigfoot and Yeti
According to the urban legends, Yeti is a two-legged white, shaggy ape-like animal and is described to be 10-20 feet tall and is considered as an abomination.

The first-ever account of Yeti dates back to 1921 when British explorer Charles Howard-Bury discovered the footsteps of Yeti near Lakhpa La pass while on an expedition in the Himalayas.
The incident is mentioned in his book ‘Mount Everest: the reconnaissance, 1921’.
Bury claimed that he found the imprints of a human-like creature among the footsteps of animals, and later got to know from the locals about the legend of a race of wild, hairy men living found in the “wildest and most inaccessible mountains”.
It is believed and claimed by many that both the Bigfoot and Yeti have been spotted by people over the years.

Photos Of A Bigfoot

Once the Indian Army found footsteps that measured 32×15 inches, clearly suggesting that they did not belong to a human.

Photos Of A Bigfoot
Footsteps found by Indian Army

a man captured photos of Bigfoot

According to Scott Yeoman, in August 2017, he and his wife were renovating a small house they had recently bought.
The house was located on the outskirts of the city.
Once when the couple came to finish the interior decoration of the backside of the house, before Yeoman could enter the house, he felt a disgusting smell coming from the living room.

“It smelled like rotting flesh, vomit, and animal excrement. And then I saw something flashed outside the window,

Scott Yeoman

At first, Yeoman thought it to be a bear, but when he began to take a close look at what was outside the window, fear struck him, as he realized that it was not a bear at all.
These curious photographs were taken in 2017 by Scott Yeoman of Bailey, Colorado. 

Photos Of A Bigfoot

Yeoman had his cheap Kodak camera with him, with which he quickly took a few pictures, after which he decided that it would be better to arm himself and went to get his gun. 
When he returned and again began to approach the living room window, the bigfoot seemed to realize that he was in danger, he moved away from the window and disappeared into the forest thickets. 

He then called the police and three officers arrived to inspect the house. 
According to their assumptions, a bear or some other large animal from the forest came to his house, however, when Yeoman showed them the photographs he had taken, two police officers marveled at what they saw, but the third continued to insist that the photographs depicted the same bear. 

After some time, a fire broke out in this house and all the evidence of the Bigfoot now remains only in the form of pictures.
Yeoman also said that he managed to shoot a small video, but it perished in the fire as he uploaded it on his computer which was at the very same house.

“There is a story behind these photos. I hope people find something useful here if they come across a similar experience.”

Scott Yeoman

Fearing ridicule from skeptics, Yeoman decided to keep the incident a secret for three straight years but then he decided to share his experience.  

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