Mysterious UFO With Its Own Intelligence Appears Several Times Near The International Space Station

The video of the strange object was shared by the popular YouTube channel ‘MrMBB333’, who defines himself as “vigilant of everything, from the bottom of the sea to the cosmos” . And while “watching”the International Space Station from the live broadcast, he saw what appears to be an apparently metallic object emerging in the background . The unknown object appears to be heading towards Earth from the darkness of space.

“It appears to be the same color as the space station ,  explains MrMBB333 in the video. “We know that the space station is artificial, it is a metal alloy. It looks the same color.

Interestingly, after 30 minutes, this UFO resurfaces and this time, it apparently emerges from Earth. The strange object can later be seen moving towards the space station. After the publication of the video, several users suggested that the UFO was the moon, the only natural satellite of the Earth. However, MrMBB333 ruled out this possibility and made it clear that the unknown flying object is very small.

“It looks a bit small to me for the moon and is the same color as the space station ,  adds MrMBB333. “That implies that perhaps there is an external possibility that they are of the same material because they are behaving the same way.

But the controversy, far from over, continued with all kinds of theories and speculations. 
Conspiracy theorists are convinced that the UFO is evidence that the United States Space Force is already patrolling space. 
However, others went further and believe that it is yet another proof of the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft on our planet . And it is not for less, since in recent months the ISS has made the news, and not because of its investigative work.

As we already published , shortly after the pandemic began one of the ISS cameras recorded a fleet of hundreds of UFOs heading towards Earth .

 This sparked all sorts of reactions on social media, especially since it happened weeks after the world’s population began to be confined. 
As if that wasn’t enough, a month later, other images from the space station showed what appeared to be the massive evacuation of alien spacecrafts from Earth .

The haunting images showed thousands of strange objects simultaneously shooting out from the surface of our planet. 
Although possibly the video that has attracted the most attention is that of the Russian cosmonaut reporting the presence of a fleet of UFOs in Earth orbit . 
In the images you could see the presence of several strange lights over Antarctica.

No one can deny that something strange is happening in space. Since we started this news portal almost 5 years ago, we have never published so many videos of UFO sightings from the ISS, much less shared by the astronauts themselves. 
You may think that this is space junk and even satellites, which is due to the free time that people have from the coronavirus pandemic, but maybe this is what your rational mind wants you to believe. 
You may not support the idea of ​​thinking that something outside of our understanding is about to occur , such as an alien invasion, the “so-called first contact”, and even a great cataclysm caused by a space threat. 
The truth is that in 2020 anything is possible, and the videos from the space station may be evidence of this.

What do you think about the new ISS video? Is it an extraterrestrial probe? Or maybe you want to believe it is space junk or a satellite?

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