A Man Reported Seeing Ucumar: “I Lock Myself At Night And Can’t Sleep

The sighting of the strange creature Ucumar took place last week in the middle of the night.


The cryptid is known by various names around the world, it is the Yeti in the Himalayas, the Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) in North America, the Sisimite in Central America, and in South America it is known as the Ucumar (or simply Ucu).

One of the first documented sightings of the Ucumar took place in May 1958 when a group of campers in Rengo, 114 kilometers from Santiago, Chile, reported seeing what they could only describe as an ape-man. Police were called to investigate; they took reports from witnesses, one of whom was Carlos Manuel Soto, who swore he had seen a huge man covered in hair in Cordillera, one of the 6 provinces of Santiago.

In 1956, the geologist Audio L. Pich found human footprints 43 centimeters long on the Argentine side of the Andes Mountains at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. The following year similar footprints were discovered in the province of Salta, Argentina. Not long after, residents of Tolor Grande reported what they described as eerie calls emanating from the nearby Curu-Curu mountains to reporters at a nightly choir. The screams, which the locals attributed to a creature known as Ukumar-zupai, scared the community for some time, and according to anthropologist Pablo Latapi Ortega, the traditions of these giant ape-men continue to this day in northwestern Argentina.

Latest Sighting Of The Ucumar

So last week a countryman in the area of ​​Pasteadero Chico, Metán, in the south of the province of Salta, had an encounter with the aforementioned cryptid around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

At night I lock myself up because I’m still scared, I had to go to the doctor because blood was coming out of my nose, and I had vomiting and diarrhea. Also, as is customary, I had myself cured of fright. Last night the dogs barked outside and ran away, but I no longer wanted to go see what it was,” the baquiano told local newspaper El Tribuno, identifying the creature as the legendary Ucumar.

The witness shows the place where he had the encounter with the Ucumar creature.  Credit: The Salta Tribune.
The witness shows the place where he had the encounter with the Ucumar creature. 
Credit: The Salta Tribune.

I know there are all kinds of comments and jokes, but I would never lie. I assure you that I have seen this furry beast, like a large monkey, about 1.70 meters tall. In recent years and for decades there have been many testimonies from people who say they saw Ucumar in Metán and in the Rosario de la Frontera area. I didn’t believe in it, but now I saw it up close with my own eyes,” he continued.

And the farmer – who preferred to remain anonymous to avoid ridicule – is not wrong, according to reports, in fact, in the last decade, the Ucumar was seen at least 33 times.

“I had just finished listening to a football match on the radio. It was a quiet night, but then I heard that the dogs were doing a lot of work and charging toward the field. I thought it could be some cow or horse, or thieves who came to steal corn, so I grabbed my flashlight and went to that sector, in the middle of total darkness, “he said.

The man then went to a path near the house, where he had the strange encounter.

“The dogs were scared and came right back. When I shined my light forward I was completely terrified because there was this thing, it was like a big, hairy, dark-colored gorilla. He was walking slowly, he was very robust, he looked where I was and there I saw his red eyes. Then he went into the bush », He assured.

The Legend Of Ucumar

The Ucumar is said to be half man and half bear —or simply a large bear with some human features— and to live in the jungles of northwestern Argentina, also known as the yungas. In Bolivia, it is known as Jukumari and inhabits the wooded areas of the Department of Chuquisaca. Both are related to ancient Peruvian myths.

According to folklore, the creature dwells deep in caves located in remote valleys. Despite its enormous size, it easily climbs mountain slopes or climbs trees in search of fruits, eggs or bird chicks to feed on.

The mountaineers have it as a protective deity of the hills and mountains, who likes to scare lonely walkers. He waits for them in some corner, from where he suddenly appears to them uttering horrible screams. As he has the ability to transform into any living being, sometimes, turned into a man, he imitates the voice of an acquaintance of his victim, calling him to remote places, until the unsuspecting walker gets lost in the ravines.

An artistic interpretation of the appearance of the Ucumar. 
Monster10 .

Dr. Manuel Lizondo Borda, in Estudios de vozes tucumanas: derivadas del quichua (1927) explains the Ucumar as follows: «An almost bestial, ugly, hairy man who lived in the Tucuman mountains several years ago was called that, and who He occupied a lot of public attention until he was arrested by the authorities: kidnappings of girls were attributed to him. He also states that with that name the boys were scared, for whom he meant something like a monster.

For Colla’s beliefs, it is a huge monkey that walks on two legs through the forest. The male uco chases women and the uca, men. They always take them to impenetrable places, where they beat them to a pulp.

Some authors think that the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) that inhabits the Andean humid forests could have inspired the mythology behind this particular being.

Source: The Tribune

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