The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Seeing Happy Kids Before Death

A man who works as a health worker revealed frightening facts on Reddit, the handle name of the user is “DoctorYared” and he stated that the paranormal phenomenon of seeing happy kids before death is not surprising in hospitals. He spoke about a strange phenomenon when dying patients see children running around.

The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Seeing Happy Kids Before Death

The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Seeing Happy Kids Before Death

“Being part of the medical community has given me the opportunity to appreciate patterns in all stages of people’s lives, including patterns we see at the end of life. Some of you who work in hospitals or who have loved ones who work in hospitals or who were with your loved ones when they took their last breath and made the transition into the “great unknown” may already have heard that I’m going to describe.

There is a special phenomenon that happens to people in these last moments of death, and I’m talking about the so-called “appearance” of children running around their deathbed or just next to their ward.

This phenomenon should be distinguished from the phenomenon of the arrival of “guests” who appeared to patients a few days before their death, this is different. This happens in a matter of hours, if not minutes, before the moment of their death.

I encounter this more often when I work in the intensive care unit, where critically ill patients lie. Most of these patients describe cheerful children running around their beds playfully, giggling or just playing.

The majority of the patients who see happy kids before death call out to their nurse and ask that “Who are these kids that keep playing around and where are their parents?”. With such questions, they greatly frighten new nurses. If these are experienced nurses, then they know that such a vision usually means that the time of death of the patient will come very soon, so the nurses notify the doctors so that they are ready.

In the medical literature, such visions are often attributed to a lack of oxygen in the brain of the dying or to neurochemical changes in the brain that occur during death and dying. But this pattern is all too common, and similar stories can be found in all cultures and in people of all ages.

Almost all hospitals have stories like this about these “kids” and if you’re starting out in medicine, nursing, or any other health-related profession, you’re bound to hear these stories. So if you’re doing a round in the intensive care unit late at night and hear someone giggling like a child or running with tiny feet in the hallways, be prepared, because the PA system is about to sound code green or red.

After the healthcare worker shared his knowledge with the Reddit audience, several users revealed their personal experience concerned with the happy kids seen before death.

A user commented that he had worked at a nursing home and as a kitchen worker, a lot of residents talked about the children who came to pick them up. “That boy is standing in the corner again.” “Whose damn children are these?” “I hear them, but I don’t see them.” Usually, when such conversations began, the nurses called the families of these people.”

Another user commented

“I confirm! I worked in the geriatrics department of a long-term care institution and I had several cases of children being born shortly before death. Usually these patients were somewhat annoyed by these children, because they saw them at night, and the children were noisy, running and annoying them . So scary”.

Several other experiences were shared:

“My grandmother, who passed away in December 2021, tells us about the baby in her hospital room. The baby was hiding behind my cousin.”

“Several years ago I got very sick with swine flu and had a decent fever. My husband and son went to the pharmacy to get my prescription, and I began to hallucinate at that time. I saw a little girl walking around my room and happily chatting with me.

I don’t remember what she looked like, but I got nervous and opened my eyes. She disappeared, but I continued to hear and feel her as she sat next to me on the bed. If I closed my eyes, I would see her again.
I got scared when my guys came home and she was still there.

After taking the medicine, I fell asleep, and then she was no more. I always attributed it to my fever, but now I’m wondering if I was close to dying that day.”

Another interesting experience of seeing happy kids before death was asserted by a user:

“I am a nurse and have worked in several establishments and I confirm that this happens there. I have repeatedly received calls from patients in the middle of the night and complained that “damn children” are in their rooms.

It is always a harbinger of death, even if there are no other signs. The most obvious instances of this happened during my first week at the nursing home. One of the grandmothers, let’s call her “Sonny”, was very healthy and active. She lived here permanently because it was cheaper than maintaining her own house.

She still had her own car and sometimes went to the bar. Sonny came one night and immediately spoke about “those kids” running around in the middle of the night. She asked, “Don’t their parents know where they are?”

Then Sonny went to bed. The next morning she did not come down for breakfast, and when they checked her, it turned out that she had died during the night.

However, the phenomena of seeing happy kids before death is common knowledge in public health. Share your experience with us in the comment box.

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