A Mother Recorded A Ghostly Face Pushing Her Child Down The Slide

A truly terrifying video shot in Mexico appears to show a ghostly face suddenly emerging from behind a girl as she slides down a slide. As reported by the digital media News.com.au, Hernandez Blankhaa recorded the horrifying moment while her husband and daughter were playing in a park in the San Nicolás de Los Garza municipality, in the state of Nuevo León, in northeastern Mexico, last month.

Ghostly Face

Subsequently, she posted the video on her Facebook page a few days later, with the intention that someone would offer a logical and rational explanation. In the video, as her daughter descends the slide, a scary-looking face emerges from the darkness at the top of the slide before quickly disappearing.

“I didn’t know whether to upload it or not but I decided to upload it,” Blankhaa wrote in the Facebook post. “This happened to my daughter 4 days ago. I mentioned it to several people. I was shocked when I asked who was there and my daughter and her dad were scared because there was no one, only them in the square. This happened in the one of the towers in San Nicolás by Walmart. So I am somewhat out of the loop because I had never in my life gone through such a situation and more so why did it happen to my daughter. So I don’t know how I don’t know how it happened, but every time I analyzed the video my skin crawls. I don’t know why if she is an innocent baby, why would that happen to her and I just wanted to share this paranormal story with you … and if someone could give me a hypothesis about this. “

Blankhaa insists that her family were the only people in the park at the time and as such she cannot explain what the strange ghostly face could be.

Blankhaa’s post quickly went viral on social networks, how could it be otherwise, with netizens offering all kinds of theories about the origin of the strange face. The video was published on July 15 and has received more than 3,000 comments and more than 300,000 views, making it one of the most viewed videos recently in Mexico, causing panic and controversy. 

Some users assured that the video is true and it is about some kind of supernatural entity chasing the girl. Experts in the field recommended going to a professional, or in any case, performing a spiritual cleansing on her daughter to prevent the entity from causing physical harm. But other Internet users were much more skeptical and assured that it is a clear montage to gain followers or go viral.

Whether it is a hoax or not, the truth is that this is not the first time that supernatural entities have been recorded or photographed near children.

What’s your take on the terrifying ghostly presence?

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