Crimean Cryptids

Crimean Cryptids: The Enigmatic Sea People and Underwater Humanoids of Cape Aya

When it comes to Crimean cryptids, the legendary sea serpent, also known as the Karadag monster, often steals the spotlight. However, the region is also home to reports of strange underwater humanoids, often referred to as “sea people.” These mysterious beings have been sighted in the Black Sea, particularly around Cape Aya near Balaklava, primarily during the 20th century.

The Enigmatic Underwater Humanoids

Crimean Cryptids: The Enigmatic Sea People and Underwater Humanoids of Cape Aya

Sightings and Descriptions

Eyewitness accounts of these underwater creatures are remarkably consistent. Descriptions often depict them as resembling humans, but with distinct differences. These beings are unusually large, silver in color, as if clad in smooth, tight-fitting suits, and possessing flippers on their legs, possibly artificial. The most striking feature is their eyes—huge, almond-shaped, and an intense blue, unlike any human eyes.

Lack of Breathing Apparatus

A key detail that sets these sightings apart from human divers is the absence of visible breathing devices. Despite their humanoid appearance, these beings exhibit exceptional swimming capabilities at considerable depths, suggesting they are not ordinary humans but some form of underwater humanoid.

The Underground City of Cape Aya

Anton Anfalov’s Hypothesis

Crimean ufologist Anton Anfalov offers an intriguing explanation for these sightings. He proposes that an underground river of fresh water flows into the sea near Cape Aya, attracting these aquatic humanoids. According to Anfalov, these beings might actually reside in an underground city beneath Cape Aya, possibly descendants of an ancient, advanced race mentioned in ancient texts like Indian epics and Sumerian tablets.

Crimean Cryptids: The Enigmatic Sea People and Underwater Humanoids of Cape Aya

Anfalov, who was born in Sverdlovsk and later moved to Crimea, collected numerous stories from local residents. His research indicates a striking similarity in descriptions of the humanoids despite the witnesses not knowing each other, living in different places, and their stories not appearing in the press.

The Connection with UFOs

The area around Cape Aya is also known for frequent UFO sightings, leading some to speculate a connection between these aquatic humanoids and extraterrestrial activity. Anfalov’s collection of stories from local residents further supports this theory, with many eyewitnesses reporting similar descriptions of the humanoids’ appearance.

Crimean Cryptids: The Enigmatic Sea People and Underwater Humanoids of Cape Aya

Intriguing Tales and Encounters

The Mysterious Glass Tunnel

An intriguing story from the 1950s adds to the mystery. During military construction at Cape Aya, builders discovered a strange, vitrified tunnel. The walls of the tunnel were heavily melted, suggesting exposure to high temperatures. Naval intelligence investigated and subsequently ordered the tunnel to be buried and filled with concrete, raising questions about its origin and purpose.

The Beautiful Mermaid

One of the most famous sightings occurred on August 18, 1991. Musician Vyacheslav Tertus, an experienced swimmer, had a close encounter with an underwater humanoid while swimming at Cape Aya. Around 11:30 PM, under a bright full moon, Vyacheslav was floating on his back when he was suddenly struck on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw no one but heard a splash. Assuming it was a friend’s prank, he swam back towards the shore but was struck again, harder this time.

When Vyacheslav turned around, he saw a young girl with long blonde hair and huge, glowing eyes much larger than human eyes. Frightened, he pushed her away and swam to shore as fast as he could, hearing splashes behind him. Near the shore, he was struck again, and he saw the girl looking disappointed. His friends on the shore saw a silver-clad figure in the water behind him, clearly visible in the moonlight.

Vyacheslav was so shaken by the encounter that he was in a state of shock for several hours. Despite his fear, he later returned to the same spot, hoping to see the beautiful sea maiden again, but never did.

The Fisherman and the Atlanteans

In the summer of 1997, fisherman Vasily Ivanovich N. was fishing near Cape Aya when he saw two giant humanoids with huge heads and bright blue eyes. These beings, about three meters tall, spoke a language he did not understand and swam smoothly about ten meters from the shore. Vasily immediately thought they looked like Atlanteans, based on something he had read. The creatures’ appearance, including webbed toes or flippers, and their large, convex eyes left a lasting impression on him. Overcome by fear, he eventually dropped everything and ran to the nearest boarding house.

Giants and the Sea Serpent

Crimean Cryptids: The Enigmatic Sea People and Underwater Humanoids of Cape Aya

In July 2000, a family from Moscow vacationing at Cape Aya witnessed an extraordinary sight. Using binoculars, they saw a giant humanoid, about three meters tall, swimming alongside a huge sea serpent about 300 meters from the shore. The two appeared to be playing, swimming side by side in a race. After about fifteen minutes, the serpent swam away, and the giant man swam to the shore, disappearing into the coastal thickets.

The Underwater Family

In the same summer of 2000, diver Alexey S. had a startling encounter while diving at Cape Aya. At a depth of about 20 meters, he saw what looked like the entrance to a cave. Suddenly, three humanoids appeared—two about three meters tall and a smaller one about two meters tall, possibly a child. They quickly swam into the underwater cave, and Alexey noticed they wore no diving equipment. Frightened, he hurried to the surface as quickly as possible.


The stories of the Crimean sea people, alongside sightings of the Karadag monster, paint a picture of a region rich in mystery and intrigue. Whether these beings are remnants of an ancient race, visitors from another world, or something else entirely, their consistent sightings and detailed descriptions continue to captivate and puzzle researchers and enthusiasts alike. Cape Aya remains a focal point for those seeking to unravel the enigmatic secrets of the Black Sea’s depths. The ongoing investigation into these cryptids highlights the enduring fascination with the unknown and the human desire to understand the mysteries of our world.

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