A Mysterious Attack on a Police Officer By A Flying Humanoid Witch

A Police Officer named Leonardo Samaniego from Guadalupe, N.L. Mexico was allegedly attacked by a mysterious flying humanoid witch on January 16, 2004, at 3:15 A.M.

A Mysterious Attack on a Police Officer By A Flying Humanoid Witch

As usual, Officer Samaniego was patrolling in his patrol car around Colonia Valles de la Salla and that is when a huge dark object appeared to leap from a tree next to the street and turned to confront the car using which Officer Samaniego was performing his duty.

Confused with what just happened, Officer Samaniego turned on the lights of the car on high beam and witnessed a nightmare.
He saw a woman dressed in black who was floating several feet above the ground.

A Mysterious Attack on a Police Officer By A Flying Humanoid Witch

The flying humanoid witch had two large black eyes, completely without the lids.
Bothered by the headlight, the creature held up its cape in an attempt to protect them.
What happened next with the Officer is spine chilling, as the witch seemed angry by the patrol car’s interference with her nocturnal activities, due to which, it jumped on the car and attacked the officer by attempting to break the windshield.
The officer quickly put his automobile in reverse, trying his best to escape her attack.

In the official testimony with regard to the horrifying incident, Officer Samaniego stated:

The “witch” had flown violently at the windshield, trying to drive her hands through the glass to grab me.

Leonardo Samaniego

He specifically emphasized the fact that the flying humanoid witch had large black eyes, seemingly with no eyelids.
He further described that it had dark brown skin and a horrible expression on its face when trying to get at Samaniego with her claws.

The officer kept his car in the reverse gear, desperately attempting to call for back-up.
When the car struck the end of the street, he covered his eyes out of fear to avoid facing the scary witch.

The horrible being kept clawing at the car’s windshield, and the officer fainted due to the high stress.
Several minutes later, help arrived.
Two police units arrived together with an ambulance and Samaniego was found unconscious in his car.
To his surprise, he was uninjured and and regained consciousness while being treated by paramedics in the ambulance.

During further investigation, more sightings of the witchy humanoid were reported by various eyewitnesses.
A Police Officer from Santa Catarina and two more officers from the Regia force admitted that the same flying creature that Samaniego had encountered was spotted by them.

It was reported that they allegedly saw the flying humanoid witch in the black dress and cape three days earlier, but had decided not to come forward with a report of such a flying creature for fear of embarrassment

The incident grabbed the attention and credibility of other police officers.
A number of residents from Colonia La Playa came forward and informed television interviewers that the flying monster has been spotted in the daylight, as well as in the late evening hours by them too.
One such resident named Norma Alicia Herrera reported seeing the flying humanoid witch and claimed that the appearance of the creature was so terrifying that her brother fell sick for weeks.

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