Broad Haven UFO Sighting

The Broad Haven UFO Incident: UFO Landed Behind School, Witnessed By Multiple Students, And Strange Humanoid Aliens

February 4, 1977, should have been a normal winter day for students at a school in Broad Haven, a town in Pembrokeshire, Wales. However, what they experienced that day thrust them and their modest community into the spotlight of the world, changing many of their lives forever. This encounter later became known as the Broad Haven UFO incident.

It was the day that 14 children, just 10 years old, had their close encounter with an unidentified flying object – in what is considered one of the most famous ufological cases in the United Kingdom. One of those guys is Dave Davies, who has spent more than four decades searching for answers.

Speaking recently on  BBC Radio 4’s Uncanny podcast, Dave described exactly what happened as a child. “Throughout the day, students had come in from recess saying they had seen a strange object flying around the perimeter of the school.”

The Broad Haven UFO Incident

Children Showing The Place Where The UFO Appeared In Broad Haven UFO Incident
Children Showing The Place Where The UFO Appeared In Broad Haven UFO Incident

“The director thought they were playing a prank on him at the time so he didn’t go out and take a look. At the end of the day, the last bell rang and I thought I’d investigate myself so I went up to the upper perimeter of the school and the object appeared behind some trees. It was about 50 feet long — about the size of a bus — and it fluoresced around it.”

Dave described the object as having a central dome on top that covered the middle third, with a pulsing red light on the roof. Other children reported seeing tall, skinny alien creatures.

“I felt this uncontrollable urge to run away from what I was seeing. I looked back as he ran away to see him disappear behind the trees,” he recounted. “But there was no fear at all, it was pure wonder and amazement. It was something I had always thought of as a science fiction fantasy, but suddenly it became a reality.”

David Davies was photographed at the time of the sighting and now, The witness of Broad Haven UFO
David Davies was photographed at the time of the sighting and now.

After their strange day, Dave and all the other children returned home to their parents and told them what they had seen. The following Monday word spread and the media picked up the story. “So, of course, as soon as we got to the school, the principal approached us, isolated the students who had seen the object, and had us draw pictures of what we saw and also a written account,” the witness explained.

He was very skeptical, but the accounts were so similar that he had to believe that they had, in fact, seen something,” Dave said it wasn’t long before children were appearing in newspapers and on television screens around the world.

Although in many ways it was an incredible experience, the witness acknowledged that “it had its negative side.”

Drawings By Kids Of The Broad Haven UFO Incident

Drawing by David Davies from 1977.
Drawing by David Davies from 1977.
Drawing by witnesses of Broad Haven UFO Incident
Pupil drawings were taken from Broad Haven School’s 1977 UFO Scrapbook.

“It affected my high school for the next five years. I was the kid who had seen the UFO, so it made me a target for bullies. I was systematically bullied for about five years, but I wasn’t going to say I was lying when I told the truth,” he recalled.

And to this day, Dave’s story hasn’t changed: he’s still sure of what he saw that day.

“I would love for people from other planets to visit us. One of the things that I’ve always been proud of is that I don’t have prejudices of any kind because I accepted when I was 10 years old, that it’s kind of hard to be mean to someone… when we have extraterrestrial visits. If you can accept aliens, you can accept anything.”

The Unsolved Mystery Of Broad Haven UFO Incident

Emlyn Williams of the Swansea UFO Network – which he runs with his colleagues Mike Maunder and Steve Drewson – commented that several alternative suggestions had been given for what the boys saw in 1977. However, he assured that many of them did not agree.

Broad Haven is a tight-knit community where most of the people know each other and a lot of the kids come from farming; this is important. There was a little difference in what the children drew, but they all described a ship with a dome on top. A couple of kids even saw someone walking around holding some sort of gadget. It had a big effect on some of them,” Williams told Wales Online .

“One explanation put forward is that the object was a sewage tanker, as it was close to a sewage farm. However, if a heavy vehicle like that had entered that area, it would still be there now, as it would have been directly stuck in an area like that.”

“A couple of kids saw something going up, this is unusual. Because of the trees, a helicopter would not have landed there and it would have been noisy. Some people think it could have been a military plane that landed there but then again that would have been very loud. Farm machinery was also suggested, but that’s unlikely because a lot of the guys had farming backgrounds and were very familiar with it.”

The British Ministry of Defense, of course, denied the extraterrestrial activity, giving as a possible explanation some training maneuver from the nearby RAF Brawdy base that had been witnessed by the students of the school. However, declassified documents later showed that the military itself ordered a covert operation – carried out by military police – to investigate the strange incident. Why would they investigate a maneuver carried out by themselves or their allies?

The Broad Haven alumni sightings caused a media frenzy.

Nothing conclusive was ever reported to the public about these sightings and, to this day, the Broad Haven UFO remains a mystery…as do other similar cases, such as the Ariel School (South Africa, 1994) and the Richmond School from Napier (New Zealand, 1970).

The Broad Haven Triangle

To end this article, it should be noted that there were other strange events in those days that could be attributed, perhaps, to the same phenomenon… A series of incidents that would earn the area the nickname “the Broad Haven Triangle”.

For example, two months after what happened at school, Rosa Granville, owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, was in bed at 2:30 am when strange noises and lights woke her up. She recounted seeing an “upside-down saucer” next to the hotel and two “faceless humanoid” creatures with pointed heads.

“It was so hot that my face felt burned. Light and flames of all colors came out of it, ”she told BBC Wales. “Then the creatures came out of these flames.”

Ms Granville sent a letter to her MP Nicholas Edwards in which she said the incident left her “shaken and disturbed” and not in the least bit looking forward to another meeting.

“I’d love to hear an explanation, it would go a long way to ease the sense of shock I’ve felt since my encounter,” she wrote.

The Broad Heaven School Today

At Ripperston Farm, a few miles away, Billy Coombs and his wife Pauline reported a series of strange events that scared their cattle.

Mrs Coombs recounted driving her children to school one day when her car was followed by what looked like “a rugby ball that was on fire”.

Then one night, the Coombses dialed 999 when a 7-foot-tall figure wearing “a space suit” appeared in their living room window.

The policeman dispatched to investigate the farmhouse later noted that in 26 years of service “that was the scariest family he had ever seen.”


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