Alien Abduction Of Lorraine Dvorak-Woman Taken To Earth’s Orbit Was Later Found Near A Crashed UFO

UFOs and extraterrestrials have been a source of fascination and mystery for centuries. From ancient cave drawings to modern-day sightings, people have been captivated by the idea of extraterrestrial life. Another phenomenon related to the extraterrestrials is the alien abduction phenomenon, where aliens kidnap humans for experimental use or to evolve their community.

Illustration of UFO crash with Lorraine Dvorak Cordini aboard
Illustration of UFO crash with Lorraine Dvorak Cordini aboard

There are numerous accounts of alien abduction reported all around the world. But the alien abduction of a young woman named Lorraine Dvorak Cordini will surely blow your mind. In this particular account alien abduction was followed up by a UFO crash.

On one summer evening in 1971, eyewitnesses reported hearing a piercing, otherworldly roar that was followed by a rumbling sound that shook the tranquil California night. As the people rushed out of their homes in panic, they saw a massive cloud and the beginnings of flames near Edwards Air Force Base in California.  

Some of the people also claimed to see three gray humanoids along with a lady in a peculiar, form-fitting pink outfit lying in the debris of some sort of vehicle. Before anyone could think of anything, a large number of military trucks came rapidly to the crash site and sealed off the area.

They cleared up the whole crashed site like nothing happened, and also took the lady and humanoids with them. Locals believed that the lady and humanoids were probably taken to the Edwards Military Base.

A witness of the incident and the resident of that place, named Debbie Clayton, revealed that what she saw that day was something that she had never seen before in her life. Clayton stated that when she rushed out of her house after hearing the loud noise, she noticed a cloud of dust nearby as well as the beginnings of fire fumes. Within a few minutes, she spotted a lot of military trucks arriving at the crash site.

Edwards Air Force Base
Edwards Air Force Base

The officers at the crash site were equipped with advanced equipment. She further stated that at the site, there was a civilian who had photographed the wreckage. But instead of extracting the film from his camera, one of the officers assaulted him and took the camera from his hands, shattering it. There was no inscription on the ship, although there did seem to be scratches on it.

The enigmatic spaceship seemed to be formed in one continuous piece with no windows or seams. The surface of the ship appeared to be smooth. There were threats of arrest if the witnesses did not comply with the troops’ orders to leave the site. The spacecraft was encased in a big canvas, and the troops hoisted it using cables tied to the craft. Any sort of explanation or the cause of the incident was not given by the military to the newspapers.

However, in an official statement, it was stated that the spaceship crashed due to a technical malfunction. No more information about the spaceship was revealed. Later, when ufologist Albert Rosales eventually located the lady in the pink bodysuit, he made her undergo hypnosis so that she might recall what had happened that night. The hypnosis was done only after taking consent from the lady. The name of the lady was Lorraine Dvorak.

Under hypnosis, Lorraine Dvorak revealed that aliens abducted her from her home while she was wearing the pink body suit; it was the same body suit that people saw at the crash site. Then she was taken aboard a mothership UFO hovering in Earth’s orbit. Lorraine revealed that aliens abducted her because they wanted to examine her body.

Illustration of mothership UFO (Lorraine Dvorak)
Illustration of mothership UFO

After the examination of her body, Lorraine Dvorak was sent back to earth in a small UFO with several other aliens, which eventually crashed. Due to the crash, she blacked out and regained consciousness at the military base. Lorraine Dvorak stated that at the military base, along with military officials, there were strange alien beings. These aliens were different from the aliens who abducted her. Later, she was sent back to her home, and her memory was erased.

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