Buff Ledge UFO Incident – Strange Alien Mothership, Small Alien Creatures, And Missing Time

In the 1960s, on the shores of Lake Champlain in the US state of Vermont, there was a children’s summer camp for girls called Buff Ledge. Buff Ledge is also famous for Buff Ledge UFO Incident.

During its heyday, it was a popular destination that attracted many children and teenagers who came here to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, water skiing, and horseback riding. 

Buff Ledge UFO Incident - Strange Alien Mothership, Small Alien Creatures, And Missing Time

The Buff ledge UFO Incident

On August 7, 1969, two camp leaders, a 16-year-old named Michael Lapp and 19-year-old water ski instructor Janet Cornell, enjoyed the peace and quiet at the boat dock as they watched the sunset on the horizon. They had just escorted the camp swimming team to a competition at a neighboring camp and there was no one on the beach except them.

At dusk, they noticed a very bright star in the sky and decided that it was Venus. This “star” hung motionless and was perfectly round, and very bright. But suddenly it began to move, approach, and turned into a disc-shaped object.

“Wow! Venus is falling!” Michael managed to shout out before he realized that it was clearly not Venus and that the object was heading straight for them. When the “saucer” approached, three smaller lights separated from it, after which the “saucer” flew away with great speed. The lights began to fly across the sky, performing somersaults, zigzags, and loops, making sharp stops, sharp turns, and vertical climbs.

Michael and Janet looked on in amazement at this unexpected evening “show”, but their surprise quickly turned into fear as the lights began to purposefully approach them.

Having fallen very low, these three lights formed an even triangle, after which the two lights flew away with a strong sharp sound, like “a thousand tuning forks.” The remaining object flew over the people a little more, and then plunged into the lake water. A few minutes later it flew back and now hovered right in front of the frightened Michael and Janet.

Buff Ledge UFO Incident - Strange Alien Mothership, Small Alien Creatures, And Missing Time

A very bright beam of light “shot” from the flame, which “washed” their bodies almost like a liquid and created a strange x-ray effect, because Michael and Janet could see the bones in their hands. They stood in this light. After that, everything suddenly went out and there was complete darkness.

The next thing Michael and Janet remembered was how they woke up on the same pier, but it was already completely dark, that is, at least several hours had passed. The Flame was still in the air, but it was now very high and receding from them like a moving star.

Janet was in a state similar to a trance, but then she came to her senses and returned to the camp with Michael. There they found that the swim team had already returned and both decided not to tell anyone about what they had experienced.

Until the very end of the camp shift, they did not talk to each other about this incident and after that, they went back to their homes. However, in subsequent years, Michael began to be tormented by powerful and vivid nightmares, the details of which he no longer remembered in the morning, but each time he woke up from them in a cold sweat and with a pounding heart.

Then he managed to remember something, but these were only fragmentary images in which strange faces of some creatures flashed. Michael suffered for a few more years and at some point, he heard about UFOs abducting people. He linked his case to this and turned to ufologist Walter Webb for help.

Webb convinced Michael to agree to sessions of regressive hypnosis, and after several sessions, Michael remembered that then on the shore of the lake, a bright beam of light had lifted him and Janet into the air and dragged him into a UFO. After that, the UFO rose very high above the Earth and ended up in near-atmospheric space.

Buff Ledge UFO Incident - Strange Alien Mothership, Small Alien Creatures, And Missing Time

Through the window, Michael could see in orbit a huge “mother” ship, to which their UFO was flying. Next, Michael saw himself and Janet inside the ship, they were lying on the tables, surrounded by strange creatures.

“They all looked like children, they had big eyes, a mouth without lips, a thin thread, no ears, and only two small holes instead of a nose. They had greenish skin, and only three fingers on their hands, which they deftly controlled with medical devices.

Lying on a nearby table, Michael saw how these creatures scratched Janet’s skin, pulled her hair, pinched, shone something in her eyes, and took blood. All this time, the aliens were sending telepathic signals that they were not going to harm them.

After talking with Michael, Webb decided to find Janet and also persuaded her to undergo regressive hypnosis sessions. Janet agreed, although, unlike Michael, she did not have nightmares. During the hypnosis, she remembered details almost exactly like what Michael had described.

Webb then traveled to Buff Ledge and further interviewed those people who were in or near the camp at the time. It turned out that on the evening of August 7, 1969, at the moment when the UFO abducted Michael and Janet, these people saw bright flying lights over the lake.

There were more. In interviewing people who were vacationing at Buff Ledge that season, Webb found that some of them also experienced something similar to what happened to Michael and Janet, that is, they were also kidnapped.

All this convinced Webb that Michael and Janet hadn’t made it up, but that it had actually happened. 

This case in Buff Ledge was described in the book by Walter Webb and, although his book has not been reprinted for a long time, many American ufologists still discuss it. 

And increasingly, they are wondering how many people are actually abducted from these summer camps every year, which are usually located far from major cities and therefore the chance that all this will go unnoticed is very high. 

What do you think of the Buff ledge UFO Incident?

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