Aeromar : An unusual case of reptilian persecution and abduction in Brazil (Video)

Conspiracy theories about reptilians also called blue blood, or reptiloids, are supposed humanoid beings with the appearance of reptilian and supernatural intelligence. They would inhabit our planet for millennia, although they act too stealthily to be detected. The next case, Aeromar, is one of the most impressive we have been able to know.


The Aeromar case has been in the mouth of many Brazilian researchers for years for the curious peculiarities related to the vision of a humanoid of special characteristics, say… Thanks to the researches of researchers Antonio Hunneus and Osni Schwartz, we travel today in the time machine to Victoria, capital of Espirit Santo, in Brazil. We are at the beginning of 1980. There on the beach, we have a man named Aeromar in a small refreshment stand, where he makes a living.

This man had witnessed a UFO encounter in the previous days in the same town, where he had been able to see a series of lenticular objects from a really close position. Well, there was that man when suddenly three men dressed in suits and ties appeared. It was too hot to go so dressed and that surprised him. He thought they were secret policemen and they were going to get him in trouble accusing him of some crime. They rebuked him about the lights and asked him questions of all kinds. The impression of Aeromar was so brutal that he directly got out of the way for a few days and did not show up at his place of work.

A few days later he lost his fear and went back to work in his area. The normality of his life. The truth is that those men in black came back for him. They rebuked him. They spoke weird. They came to follow him and to persecute him. Good old Aeromar did not know what to do and became so worried that he left for Rio de Janeiro fleeing the improvised nightmare that seemed to pursue him since he had had the incident of lights. There he also saw them. They were obsessed with him. Because of I? He wondered.

Aeromar, in desperation, went to the police and filed a complaint about harassment and did so with his boss in front of him to record it in the minutes. The police did not take their claim very seriously, but the follow-ups continued. It was exasperating. He decided again to change city before the insistent pressure of those guys who did not leave him alone. He went to Sao Paulo where some relatives lived. We are in the early 1980s and his life had changed radically in just a few weeks. There in the city of São Paulo, they were also waiting for him and in fact, they went on to a next level. In one of his episodes of harassment came to put him in a car and moved to a place where he reported that they were before a ship with an outer ring, full of lights and floating on the ground. A spectacular vision of Aeromar.

There are few cases where these beings directly kidnap a man.
And the episode does not end here. Aeromar was forced to put himself under the light of that disc and after the appearance of a bluish ray, he suddenly found himself inside that artifact. Fear and stupor This could not be happening. The horror awaited him. There in the interior, poor Aeromar experienced a kind of paralysis. They sat him on a stretcher similar to the one of the dentists and from there he watched as with horror, the maximum horror, those men, the three became something else. It was as if they had radically changed their appearance, their skin, their complexion and even their physiognomy. Their faces were those of lizards. Reptilian humanoids, as we have reported in other cases.

Those men were transformed in a few seconds, according to the testimony of the witness. In the bewildering experience, these beings would have transmitted some images and information related to the planet Earth. Shortly after his tremendous vision, Aeromar appeared at dawn in the streets of Sao Paulo without knowing what had happened or how he had arrived. For him 5 minutes had passed. But in reality, several hours had passed.

With absolute panic, that good man returned to his house, where he told everything that had happened to his roommate. The story could still get worse for poor Aeromar, because as he told the two investigators, an invisible force threw him against one of the walls opening almost his head. Aeromar knew that these beings had given him a veiled warning that he could not tell anyone anything. And boy, seems that they were serious. The story ends with a professional hypnotherapist, Dr. Berezowsky, who thanks to the O’Globo newspaper learned about the case and tried to contact the shopkeeper to perform a hypnotic regression when his case had already been made public. He could not find it because Aeromar disappeared without a trace.

This chronicle is part of the black history of the UFO phenomenon and has ingredients ranging from the harassment of men in black, a metamorphism and poltergeist type incidents in the home of the affected. Some unusual events for which today nobody has an explanation. What happened to Aeromar? Could it be possible that at least part of the phenomenon of men in black were infiltrated beings? Leave your comment below!


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