shape of the universe

What is the shape of the universe?

Researchers say that the Shape of the Universe is Flat. This is what British scientists believe that they have offered a new theory of the evolution of the Universe.

What is the shape of the universe?

As indicated by the Theory that prevails in science, the shape of the Universe is Flat. This Theory was postulated without precedent for 2004, when the cosmologists who contemplated the enormous radiation left by the Big Bang (this radiation is known as the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB, for its acronym in English) found that the Universe has certain abnormalities of density and temperature, and their properties are not the same everywhere.

The researchers were surprised to the point that they thought that they made a mistake. In any case, later the more exact information from the Planck space observatory affirmed the presence of these abnormalities.

To clarify them, Andrew Liddle and Marina Cortes, from the University of Edinburgh, offered another hypothesis. They looked into the standard Theory of the development of the Universe, which accepts that in the main second after the Big Bang the Cosmos extended with incredible speed, which was driven by the main quantum field called inflation.

As per Liddle and Cortes, the Cosmic expansion in the presence of a second quantum field called curvatón, which made the Universe take a frame that can be compared with a saddle or, for ex., to a Pringles potato.

The creators trust that this hypothesis, distributed in the journal Physical Review Letters, relates to the abnormalities found and clarifies them, in spite of the fact that it negates the overarching hypothesis.

Is the Universe Flat?

Einstein’s theory of general relativity proposes that the geometry of space is directly related to the amount of mass and energy present in the Universe. Einstein also believed that his equations were only compatible with a curved space. But in 1929, Hubble proposed a theory in which it is accepted that the Universe is in the expansion so that the equations of the theory of relativity were now compatible with any type of geometry. The one that has a type of geometry or another determines the properties of the Universe and what will be its evolution. What is at stake is not determining the appearance of the universe but its properties.

For many years, it has been tried to measure, in the light of different theories, the cosmological parameters to determine the geometry of the Universe. Over time they have been approaching measurements of the density of matter and energy, including dark matter that we can not see directly, but the incognita is still there. An experiment recently conducted by a team of scientists from Italy, Great Britain, the United States and Canada participating in the Boomerang Project has provided data that seems to support the hypothesis of a universe with a degree of curvature 0, that is, flat.

But it is just another experiment, whose results interpreted within the framework of a specific theory support a certain hypothesis. The problem is far from being solved, we will have to continue to test those hypotheses and theories.

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