Akrabuamelu – The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

A scorpion-human hybrid called Akrabuamelu or Girtablilu is a popular figure in the mythology of the ancient Near East. 

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

Akrabuamelu – The Scorpion-human hybrid

This creature is the subject of many scientific disputes and theories since its origin and symbolism are still unclear. 

Akrabuamelu’s homeland is ancient Mesopotamia, now the territory of Iraq. The name is Akrabuamelu comes from the words “akrabu” meaning scorpion and “amelu” meaning human. 

The creature is often portrayed as a ferocious warrior and was mostly thought to be the guardian of the gates of the underworld. In some myths, it is also called the bodyguard of the earthly ruler.

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

The origin of Akrabuamelu is associated with Ninurta, the Sumerian-Akkadian deity of war and agriculture. In some myths, Akrabuamelu is directly listed as a descendant of Ninurta and the scorpion goddess. In other myths, Akrabuamelu is considered the creation of the god Enki, the god of wisdom and water. 

The Babylonian Creation Epic says that Akrabuamela was created by the goddess Tiamat in order to wage war against the lesser gods for the betrayal of her husband Apzu. Apzu is the primordial sea below the void space of the underworld (Kur) and the earth (Ma) above it.

In the famous Sumerian epic about Gilgamesh, scorpion people are described, whose duties included guarding the gates of the sun god Shamash in the Mashu mountains. The gate was the entrance to Kurnugi, the land of darkness. These beings opened the gates for Shamash when he went out each day and closed them after he returned to the underworld at night.

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

Scorpion people had a super-sharp vision and warned travelers of impending dangers. According to Akkadian myths, Akrabuamelu “had heads that reached to the sky” and their gaze could cause a painful death.

There is a curious parallel between the Sumerian Akrabuamelu and the Aztec Tzitzimime. Both were hybrids of humans and scorpions, a very unusual combination of living beings, very rare in other cultures. In addition to them, scorpion people can also be found in Egyptian mythology. It is noteworthy that all these cultures were once extremely advanced culturally and technically. 

Among the Aztecs, the Tzitzimime were considered overthrown gods, who once destroyed the sacred grove of fruit trees and were thrown from the sky for this. The Tzitzimime were depicted as skeletal women wearing skull and crossbones skirts.

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

The Tzitzimime played a dual role in the Aztec religion, protecting humanity and at the same time representing a potential threat. And during the fall of the Aztec empire, they were directly called “demons” or “devils” at all.

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

Acrabuamela was often depicted as a fierce warrior with a human body and a scorpion tail. In his hands he holds a sword or a bow with arrows. Sometimes his body is covered with armor, and on his head is a helmet. In some depictions, Akrabuamelu is depicted with wings, which may symbolize his ability to fly.

The symbolism of the scorpion hybrid is still obscure to historians, but it is often thought to represent the duality of human nature. The human body represents the rational and civilized aspect of humanity, while the scorpion’s tail represents the wild and indomitable aspect of humanity. A scorpion-human hybrid can also symbolize the balance between good and evil.

Akrabuamelu - The Mysterious Scorpion-Human Hybrid Mentioned In Ancient Texts

As for the supporters of paleocontact, their Akrabuamelu is literally a hybrid of a man and a scorpion, created by ancient aliens as a guardian and guardian of ancient mines. His appearance was supposed to frighten and horrify the slaves working in the mines.

There is also a theory that both in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, people saw some kind of alien transport mechanism that looked like something with the “paws” of a spider or a scorpion, and on this basis, they came up with the image of a scorpion man.

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  1. I can’t help but think of the book of Revelations talking about people being tortured by creatures with scorpion like tails and human like faces during the tribulation.

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