Al Naslaa: The Mysterious Rock Equally Divided Into Two Parts

The Earth is a strange place, not because it is the only planet in the cosmos that supports human life that we know of, but also because it acts as a supermassive unsolved history book.
Numerous baffling discoveries that are even beyond our imagination have been made all around the world over the years, including the giant pyramids, temples, and so on.
In amidst of all the fascinating yet unexplainable discoveries, there’s a massive megalith located in Saudi Arabia called Al Naslaa that appears to have been cut in half with laser-like precision.

There are numerous megalithic stones all around the world that attract tourists and one such example of an enigmatic rock is located in Tayma oasis called Al Naslaa.

Today, Al Naslaa continues to be a wonder for the scientific community, and a must-see for tourists visiting the area.
People from all over the world come to this area to see its mysterious and enigmatic stone first-hand.
What makes Al Naslaa mysterious is the fact that it has been cut into two parts as if it was split with a laser straight through the middle.
In addition to the cut, various symbols have also been engraved on the massive stone.
The symbols include the depiction of animals such as horses.

Enigmatic cut with laser precision

There are various theories regarding Al Naslaa that flourish around the globe.
Some people believe this place to be a portal to another dimension (passage of time), while others consider the megalithic stone and its mysterious cut as a piece of evidence supporting the fact that ancient alien civilization did exist in the distant past.
Many other rock formations and buildings from an ancient civilization also grace the place.
But Al Naslaa is by far the leading piece that everyone wants to see.

Interestingly, the break that separates the two halves appears to have been made with a high-powered laser beam. T
The precision of the cut is millimeter, drawing a straight line perpendicular to the ground.

At first glance, it looks like that the hands of man or another creature caused the split in the rock. 
And for this, a technological instrument must have been used outside of our modern understanding. 
The result was two blocks of stone, balanced on just a few thin pieces of rock, almost as if gravitating in the air.

How did the Al Naslaa form?

Al Naslaa has become a subject of deep analysis and research for geologists.
The professional geologists believe that Al Naslaa is not the only rock formation with a unique appearance in the area, and it is the product of a combination of several factors.

The area known as Tayma Oasis features a geological composition of limestone, shale, and sandstone. 
The action of rain and wind over millennia has shaped the site, shaping it at will. 
In the case of Al Naslaa, the wind and rain have hit the smooth sections of the rock, contributing to its irregular shape. 
However, the major question is how do the geologists explain the presence of the dividing crack?

Before we opt for the theory that alien beings or laser weapons are responsible for the rift, let’s think more logically.
Geologists have explained that the most likely cause of the split was tectonic movement. 
At some point, the ground shifted slightly under the half rock support beam. 
This caused the stone block to split in two with such precision.

It has also been suggested by other scientists that the famous Al Naslaa divide is nothing more than a fault line. 
The material that makes up the faults is much weaker and is easily eroded by the action of natural elements. 
This being the case, in all probability the wind ended up eroding the weak material of the fault, leaving behind the two halves of solid rock.

However, several supernatural theories have also been proposed suggesting that an ancient civilization must have come into contact with alien beings.
The landing of a spaceship, or the presence of beings from other worlds and their super-advanced weapons, could be responsible for such a clean cut in the middle of the rock or a laser beam may well have been the instrument used to split this rock formation in two.

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  1. Dear Mr. Srivastava,
    do you know when this crack was made?
    And are there any historical sources that mention this phenomenon?
    Did the Nabataeans already know the rock with the cut, or did the crack appear only in modern times?
    With kind regards,
    Anni Rehm

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