Nikola Tesla Predictions Regarding The Future That Turned Out To Be True

Back in the 1930s, Nikola Tesla was frequently visited by journalists on the 20th floor of the Governor Clinton Hotel in New York where he lived. 
Nikola Tesla used to discuss how he believed the future would be.
These predictions have a special value because they belong to an article signed by Tesla himself, something very unusual. 
The text is believed to have been written in collaboration with German-born journalist George Sylvester Viereck, who was a friend of the Serbian-born inventor, engineer, and physicist.

Nikola Tesla Predictions

Tesla had some pretty weird ideas about nutrition or religion, but he was also a genius whose discoveries have contributed to scientific advancement in a multitude of fields. 
Here are some of his most surprising predictions by Nikola Tesla regarding the future:

Creation of the Environmental Protection Agency

Tesla predicted the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 35 years before its emergence.
Managing environmental hygiene would be more important than managing wars for scientists.
Nikola Tesla also commented about the state of the beaches and indicated that purification and cleaning of the water would be common.

The Emergence of Robots (Nikola Tesla Predictions)

Tesla’s earliest work on automation dates back to 1890 when he unveiled an autonomous boat that amazed the audiences during a science exhibition in 1898 at Madison Square Garden. 
Tesla believed that human labor would disappear completely in certain dangerous or unpleasant jobs and that it would be replaced by automatic machines.

He also predicted that scientists would work to discover and perfect a thinking machine to help them with their work.

Nikola Tesla Predictions

Health and diet

The inventor developed some rather unusual theories about diet, especially at the end of his life. 
In his later years, for example, he drank only a little milk with honey for dinner. 
The weight loss that he suffered gave rise to the myth that he died broke.

Despite these ideas, Tesla predicted a future in which food would turn its eyes to health. 
In his opinion, stimulants such as coffee or tobacco would cease to be fashionable (only the latter was right), and future citizens would bet on reducing chemical additives in food and reducing meat consumption.

Tesla also predicted that there would be enough grain production to feed the entire planet. 
He probably did not count on the unequal distribution of those resources.

Nikola Tesla Predictions

Education, war and newspapers 

Tesla envisioned a world in which scientific discoveries would be a priority over other aspects such as war or politics. 
Although he was only half right, Tesla predicted that scientific and technological advances would be as important or more important to the media than warfare or high politics.

The invention of Mobile phones In Future Was Also On Of The Nikola Tesla Predictions

In an interview with the American magazine Colliers, in 1926; Tesla revealed another of his futuristic forecasts in which the idea of ​​a technology capable of transmitting images, music, and even video around the world was developed.

The inventor coined the phrase “pocket technology”, predicting the invention of smartphones almost 100 years before they became a reality.

We would witness and hear events as if we were present.”

Nikola Tesla

Cheap energy and natural resource management

Tesla believed that the new century would bring the need to scientifically manage natural resources to avoid catastrophes, harness the electrical energy of nature, and put an end to fossil fuels.

The scientist advanced ideas such as reforestation or the generalization of hydroelectric stations.
Probably Tesla’s predictions were not entirely accurate, but without a doubt, the Serbian scientist understood some aspects of the future very well, such as those related to modern computers, robotics, or concern for health and the environment.

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