Could Alien Abductions Be Secret Experiments By Government and Other Intelligent Services?

Could Alien Abductions Be Secret Experiments By Government and Other Intelligent Services?

People have reported close calls with extraterrestrial entities for decades. Eyewitness accounts describe being abducted by large-headed, dark-eyed extraterrestrial beings. Those same beings are now commonly known as “the Grays.” However, there is an additional aspect to the alien abduction controversy. Abductees frequently report that military and government personnel have followed and spied on them.

Alien Abductions
Alien Abductions

It is common for abductees to observe intimidating black helicopters hovering directly above their homes. Their calls and emails are being monitored. Strange men wearing black suits are observed photographing the abductees’ home also known as the Men in Black. All of this brings us to what has become known as “military abductions” in the field of alien abduction research. Numerous abductees claim that after being abducted by aliens, they are abducted again by the government. These subsequent occurrences were orchestrated by a powerful group hidden within the military and intelligence community.

The mission of this highly classified organization is to determine the true intentions of the so-called Grays. And the best way for the government to obtain these answers is to interrogate abductees, who have had direct contact with the UFO phenomenon. Why does the government compile files on alien abductees in secret? Is the alien abduction issue so ominous that it now poses a threat to national security? However, could it be possible that such alien abductions are experiments conducted by government agencies?

Since 2015, the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has been developing memory-enhancing brain implants. Obviously, they could also be used to manipulate memory and generate false recollections. 

Numerous conspiracy theorists believe that these experiments initially conducted on volunteers only provide an explanation for a phenomenon that peaked in the 1990s and appears to be on the rise again today and now it is referred to as abduction.

Alien Abductions are False Memory

The term abduction was adopted from legal terminology to describe the alien abduction of humans. But what if everything was an illusion? Could memories of alien abductions be false? If so, would they be an intelligence agency experiment? Fina Granados is a Sabadell-based housewife and at age 24, she witnessed a UFO sighting that altered the course of her life. Since then, her vitality and energy had waned, and she began to experience disturbing dreams in which she saw herself lying on a stretcher and being physically manipulated.

“They gave me a serum and I was desperate. That liquid stung my veins”

Fina Granados

“They were humans wearing white coats and, next to them, there were soldiers.”

Protagonist commented on the appearance of her captors

Although you may believe Fina is unbalanced and it is not an exceptional case. The author of Bedroom Visitors, Pedro P. Canto, has encountered other abductees whose memories were “implanted” during hypnosis, which is typically used to reconstruct the event.

“More and more psychiatrists and psychologists are approaching the abduction phenomenon and are discovering surprising things.”

Pedra P. Canto

Chris Carter, founder of the X-Files television series and widely regarded as the conspiracy’s prophet, had originally indicated that the abductions are actually a negative recollection implanted for some sinister purpose.

Experiment by Intelligence Services
Experiment by Intelligence Services

In the episode titled Jose Chung’s From Outer Space, where a teenage couple coming back from date are the protagonists of a UFO encounter and were subsequently managed to capture by two aliens, he presented this argument. It is believed that the abduction was carried out by the United States Army and not by extraterrestrial beings and that the abductees were brainwashed into believing that they were abducted by aliens.

CIA Performed Memory Implantation In Alaska

Recently declassified documents indicate that in the 1980s, the CIA implanted memories of pseudo-abductions in more than 3,000 Alaskans. Secret experiment? Is it truly that simple to hack our brains and fabricate false memories?

“A memory is nothing more than a network of neurons that is very easy to manipulate,”

Julia Shaw, author of the best-selling book The Memory Illusion.

“Every time you explain a story – she adds – you are changing the original memory”

It occurs with our earliest recollections. Since our brain is incapable of storing memories prior to two and a half years of age, all memories from before that time are fabricated.

“Therefore, they have probably been generated from childhood photos or from what our parents have told us. Many people, however, internalize them and turn them into ‘memories’”.

Abductions might experience something similar to this phenomenon.

“We connect the dots of things that worry us when we hear third-party experiences on TV or the radio and we internalize them as our own. Regardless of whether they are abducted by aliens or not.”


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