Mysterious alien signals are being sent by dead planets

A team of scientists has revealed that dead planets could be sending signals through space (alien signals) we can receive on Earth.

An unusual phenomenon means that worlds could fire intense explosions through space, which could be tuned by scientists here.

Scientists now expect to hear them, hoping to determine the composition of the planets’ nuclei and learn more about the universe.

alien signals

Planets destroyed by their stars

The researchers looked at the planets that orbit stars that have destroyed them: as the sun burns all its fuel and sheds its outer layers, destroys nearby objects and burns its outer layers.

The remaining nuclei could be seen throughout the universe and remain for long enough to be detected from Earth.

The technique used to observe the planet is based on a similar technique that the researchers used to find the first confirmed exoplanet. To detect it, the scientists detected radio waves that were launched by their star, and hope they can now see white dwarfs by observing similar energy explosions.

A white dwarf and its planetary core stripped together can create a circuit. It helps amplify the signal and make it explode through space, which means it could be picked up by radio telescopes on Earth.

Mysterious "alien" signals are being sent by dead planets alien signals

The scientists needed to investigate more to know how long the nuclei can live after their outer layer has been torn off, and if they would continue to transmit through space. They discovered that these nuclei can survive up to a billion years, which means that the messages could last long enough to be detected from Earth.(alien signals)

Large scale observation

The researchers now hope to turn the observatories into potential candidates and detect the messages. (alien signals)

Dr. Dimitri Veras, from the University of Warwick, said in a statement :

There is an optimal point to detect these planetary nuclei: a nucleus too close to the white dwarf would be destroyed by tidal forces, and a nucleus too far would not be detectable. Also, if the magnetic field is too strong, it would push the core towards the white dwarf, destroying it. Therefore, we should only look for planets around those white dwarfs with weaker magnetic fields in a separation between approximately 3 solar radii and the Mercury-Sun Distance. No one has ever found the bare nucleus of an important planet, nor an important planet only by monitoring magnetic signatures, nor an important planet around a white dwarf. Therefore, a discovery here would represent ‘firstfruits’ in three different senses for planet systems. ”

The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank telescope, a 100 meter diameter radio telescope located in Green Bank, West Virginia, USA alien signals
The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank telescope, a 100-meter diameter radio telescope located in Green Bank, West Virginia, USA. (Wikimedia Commons)

The research could help reveal the future of our solar system.

Professor Alexander Wolszczan of the Pennsylvania State University said in a statement:

We will use the results of this work as guidelines for radio search designs for planetary nuclei around white dwarfs. Given the existing evidence of the presence of planetary debris around many of them, we believe that our possibilities for exciting discoveries are quite good. ”

Dr. Veras added:

A discovery would also help reveal the history of these star systems, because for a nucleus to have reached that stage, it would have been violently stripped of its atmosphere and mantle at some point and then thrown into the white dwarf. A nucleus could also provide a glimpse into our own distant future and how the solar system will evolve. ”

The research findings have been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society .

Source: The Independent

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