Alien spacecraft spotted on surface of the moon

Is this an alien spacecraft on the surface of the Moon?

Many “strange things” like buildings, forms that seem artificial, have been found on the Moon. The “extraterrestrial hunters” have a titanic task when they have to analyze thousands of photographs taken during space missions. Now, they have found a new and possible evidence.(Alien spacecraft spotted on surface of the moon)

In the nearly 20,000 images of the Apollo Mission that have now been released to the public, alarming evidence has been found of possibly extraterrestrial space vehicles.

The work of optimizing the images is arduous, however, this image does not require altering the exposure or any other filter to see a possible ship flying near the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission.

We can hardly think that NASA has not noticed this anomaly in photography. We say this because there have been complainants who claim that the space agency performs a process of “editing” their images to hide those that can reveal the truth.

The object found now is posed either as a possible extraterrestrial craft or simply a photographic defect. Others have suggested that it could be a command module. However the mystery grows around this image, and it is not the only one that shows the possible presence of extraterrestrial activity in our satellite.(Alien spacecraft spotted on surface of the moon)

A possible ship is "hidden" on the middle left side of the image.  Is it an alien ship?  Click to enlarge Alien spacecraft spotted on surface of the moon
A possible ship is “hidden” on the middle left side of the image. Is it an alien ship? Click to enlarge Credit: NASA

You can see the original image in the following link .

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