Men in black encounter caught on tape : secret government agents or aliens in disguise

Who are the mysterious Men in Black (MIB)? Nobody seems to know, but there are several stories of very credible people, some photos and some scenes of what seem to be real encounters.

Men in Black

Politicians, such as Vladimir Putin, together with Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev of Russia, have referred to these mysterious people, who have made some comments about men in dark suits. Medvedev referred to them when they were asked a question about intelligent extraterrestrials currently visiting our planet, and Putin referred to ‘men in dark suits’ who confront the president shortly after being elected, telling them how his presidency will go and what may or may not do.

A common theme associated with MIBs is that they appear to appear shortly after someone has experienced some type of paranormal event. Its presence is constantly associated with “rarity”. One of the most interesting stories I have encountered is that of Ingo Swann, who was an important player in the United States Government Stargate Program, which lasted more than two decades. The program studied various topics within the dimensions of parapsychology, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, remote viewing and more.(Men in Black)

This is a moment to decide for yourself and we want to be clear about it. This alleged recent encounter with which we have met is quite interesting. It shows a video of a woman who was completely subject to what appears to be some kind of hypnosis or mind control.(Men in Black)

This kind of thing would fall within the scope of parapsychology, but unfortunately, it seems to be armed. New discoveries and concepts of reality have been explored for a long time in Black Budget programs, and unfortunately, the technology and knowledge acquired are rarely used for the purpose of advancing humanity. It seems that this so-called MIB knows how to use these techniques.

Below is a video that was sent to Apex TV by a man who allegedly works as a security guard for a law office in Alaska. All have refused to name what office is for privacy reasons. Although we do not know if everything we are seeing here is real, what you see in the video fits the profile of a classic MIB encounter:

The name of the woman in the video above is Nicole, and the Apex team was able to get in touch with her, or at least someone who claims to be the woman in the video. The following video (in English) explains everything that happened. The reason for the meeting, as stated by Nicole, was simply to ask about her photos and the experience she had with some friends.(Men in Black)

SEE – Several Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message with a terrible warning for the month of April(Black Box recording of MH370 possibly)

While she and her friends were hiking, she found a cave and decided to check it in the morning. The cave, as she describes, was full of crystals, but nothing unusual happened.

The MIBs in their history, (there are two in the story, one in the video), seemed to be very curious if they saw something while in the cave. After the meeting, she said that they gave her a vaccine. He was not supposed to remember anything when he woke up like they told him, but he does. There also seems to have been telepathic communication. (This is his supposed interview, summarized) What do you think about it? Leave your comment below.

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