Alleged appearance of UFO in Mexico divides social networks Real or False?

The images would have been supposedly recorded in Sonora, Mexico, but being so spectacular, they arouse the distrust of many netizens in Social Networks.(UFO)


Have you ever wondered why every time an unidentified flying object is displayed in the media always the images are blurry or unclear? Well, a few weeks ago there has been a video where you can see a UFO so clearly, that several people argue in social networks that it is too good to be true.

The images apparently were taken in Sonora (Mexico) and you can see an alleged spaceship with many bluish lights that remain in the air revolving around its own axis. Suddenly, above it, a light emerges forming a rhombus, the same place where the UFO disappears. The truth is that no one has remained indifferent to such a spectacular sequence. While some point out that what formed above the flying object is the gateway to an “X” point distant from the Universe, others accuse it too much that everything seen in the video is computer-generated special effects.

Those who are inclined to this last point of view also indicate that there is almost no information regarding the origin of the recording and question the lack of expressiveness of the camera despite the disturbing event .. What do you think? Leave us your comment! (I.e.

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