cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars

Who is cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars?

Rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on the planet Mars in 2004. It was planned to be operational for about 90 days, after which it was estimated that their solar panels would accumulate so much dust that the electricity generated would not be enough to maintain their vital systems. But, almost 13 years after its landing, one of the Rovers remains operational: Opportunity.(cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars)

cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars

Opportunity has since been given 5 mission extensions, which it has successfully completed. In July 2007, during the fourth extension of the mission, severe Martian duststorms blocked the vehicle’s sunlight and threatened its ability to survive. However, when the dust storms were gone, they revealed that something had cleared the scout of most of the debris.(cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars)

cleaning the NASA Rovers on MarsOn May 1, 2009, during its fifth mission extension, Spirit was trapped in the soft soils of Mars. After nearly nine months of attempts to get the explorer back on track, including test explorers on Earth, NASA announced on January 26, 2010 that Spirit was being reassigned as a stationary science platform.

As if it were a car wash, we have appreciated photographs taken by Spirit in which with a interval of 7 minutes you can see how panels and components filled with dust become clean and shiny, as if a mysterious hand manually cleans the Robot.

NASA calls these events “cleaning events.” The term was coined in 2005 and designates windstorms that are strong enough to remove the layer of dust that other storms deposit on the surface of Mars.

cleaning the NASA Rovers on MarsThe strangest thing is that in some snapshots Spirit has sent, it is appreciated how the cleaning of the panels and their hardware has been done manually, the shiny metal of the screws and the panels seem to be selectively cleaned, it is as if they started in One zone and end in another, something that can only be due to the human hand.(cleaning the NASA Rovers on Mars)

Taking these aspects into account, the following conclusions can be drawn:
1. The whole mission is a fraud.
No robot probe was sent to Mars, the mission unfolds on Earth and is fraudulently displaying images and data to the scientific community.
2. There is a human colony on Mars.
There is some kind of human (or non-human) colony that, among other things, cleans the solar panels, hinges, and probe screws.
3.- 100% of the mission is authentic.
With which, nobody can explain what happened. What do you think?

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  1. William White Crow was a member of the Secret Space Agency who spent his last yrs, telling about his time he spent on Mars, he made his 1st trip in a Oblong Ship that took only little over 30min., helping the Martian people & working to set up the Mars Colonies. He died this past yr, he was assassinated at his Compound where him & his Family lived, so sad, I believe they had him killed for talking & telling about everything. He was one of the greatest whistle-blowers known to date, he is greatly missed.You can research his name on youtube & watch his Interviews telling about his experiences & about the Species currently on Mars(5-6 different ones) Mars is inhabited. The Images the Mars Rover sends is definite proof. One of my finds was a Roman/Greek Statue Head of a female Warrior. It is sitting at the top of a hill/mtn at Sol 952. There are Buildings/Structures, vehicles, animals, birds, reptiles-including Dinosaurs & Dragons, plenty of Images that shows the people, & so much more!

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