Ambrosia – the mysterious food of the Ancient gods

In Ancient Greek Mythology, the rulers of Olympus consumed ambrosia and drank nectar, food of the ancient Gods. 
The alleged food generated strength and eternal youth due to which the Greek God, King Zeus lived a long and healthy life.

He was buried in the Al-Akhdar mountains. 
Back in those days, there were healing springs, rejuvenating apples and other fruits and plants that had great healing power were grown to lead a healthy life.

It is assumed that in the ancient millennia these divine and magical substances were kept secret from the rest of the world since the divine edible items are not mentioned in any other legend. 
It is impossible to comprehend the characteristics of ambrosia and nectar from the Greek sources.
There are more questions like- Where were they obtained from?
How could one consume them?

These substances with incredible characterstics are still unknown to modern day science and are only perceived as a beautiful imagination or a fantasy.
However, it is known that many religious and spiritual rulers in all millennia have put great efforts into finding these substances or any other substance with the similiar characterstics.. 
Numerous countries have assigned and sent teams for scientific expeditions to different places on the planet in search of the lost knowledge and minerals. 
The alleged places which could provide the knowledge about these magnificent substances are the Himalayas, Tibet, northern Russia, Siberia, South America, Africa.

Various Foreign Intelligence Services, religious and spiritual sages, and scientists have focused their eyes on these places. 
Recently, a Russian expedition led by Academician E.R. Muldasheva procured some interesting information and knowledge there. 
However, divine ambrosia and nectar are still inaccessible to people.

Long-term studies have shown that ambrosia and nectar were brought to the Gods of Olympus from Africa, where the alleged food was mined from underground deposits. 
Similar deposits are present not only in Africa but also in Antarctica, China, Japan, Cuba, the former USSR, etc. 
Preliminary information about these substances has been obtained.

Magnificent Food Of The Gods

Ambrosia is divided into three types: perennial, wormwood, and tripartite.
It is found in many countries around the world. 
It has a crystalline appearance, and it is light in color.
However, the color of Ambrosia is different in different deposits which is due to the variation in the types of rocks available at the deposits.

Nectar is in the form of outgrowths (stalactites) formed from drips of thick oily sap of dark stone rocks of the earth. 
They are yellowish-orange in color.
The color of Nectar also varies in different deposits.
Growth of these stalactites occurs in the spring-summer period.
The extraction of these minerals was carried out as early as 1.5 thousand years ago from the Adits Cave which is hundreds of kilometers long.
There is a possibilty that the extraction of ambrosia and nectar was carried out by gnomes, with whom Zeus knew how to negotiate.
Deposits of ambrosia and nectar are associated with formation of buildings and are located at the base of the mountains.

According to ancient Indian knowledge, mountains on Earth are born, they grow, age and collapse like plants.
They have a root propagation system on the planet. 
There are young and growing, as well as old and crumbling mountains. 
They have their own internal “gene” structure and system of life with the flow of energy and fluids in different directions for their growth.

It can be assumed that inside the mountains at their roots, various products of their vital activity are produced and deposited, which are also valuable for humans, including ragweed and nectar. 
It is possible that our geologists, speleologists, and miners noticed such minerals, but did not pay attention to them, since they had no information about them.
On the other hand, birds and animals could intuitively find them after being carried to the surface of the earth by ascending streams of water.

It is known that with the onset of spring, before mating, birds and animals used to search and eat energetically saturated minerals, including zeolitized earth and clays. 
It is also believed that ambrosia and nectar were brought to the Gods of Olympus by birds.
Interestingly, the samples of these divine substances were found in the stomachs of birds, and then scientists and researchers looked for these deposits based on their samples. 
Ambrosia and nectar surpass all nutrient minerals and liquids on earth in terms of their vital energy.

Preliminary data obtained by calculation suggested that the divine minerals, ambrosia and nectar, have a large energy shell and vitality around them.
The inner multilayered part of the substance extends towards the center of the earth. 
It is known that all elements of the chemical periodic table have different interactions with the Earth (strong, weak, neutral, weak, and strongly opposite).

Given that, the substances in question are solid minerals, the methods of preparing and using them as food were probably different from modern technologies.

It is known that in every 5 thousand years (sometimes 2.5), humans change their method of food consumption.
More than 5 thousand years ago, humans practically did not eat animal meat, just as monks, priests and many inhabitants of Tibet, the Himalayas, India and other places do not eat meat even today.
People consumed a significant amount of mineral food in combination with plant foods. 
Minerals which had a positive effect on the duration of human life were used in foods.

It is believed that in the Era of Gods of Olympus, people were able to soften all types of stones, including ambrosia with nectar, converting them into the desired state and quality. 
During the 20th century, in South America, there were jewelers present who possessed the secret of softening stones, passed down from their ancestors.

It is possible the alleged ancestors learned about this secret from the bird Hakaklyo, which means “the one who will drill the stone”. 
These birds preliminarily soften the stone with the juice of rare herbs and then build their nests. 
In our time, many people are engaged in the search of these divine substances known as the food of the ancient Gods in different countries, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, India.

Numerous journals discussing the scientific research works are published and discussed,
International conferences of scientists are held, maps of known and prospective deposits of geophages are drawn up, including zeolites and zeolitized lands. 

It is possible that the alleged substances, Ambrosia and Nectar in the American and other continents, in terms of their external characteristics will be somewhat different from those that the Gods of Olympus ate, but the energy component and the vital force present in them will be similar.

The conditions of life on Earth is constantly changing.
Global floods, fires, the onset of cold weather, permafrost, glaciation, pandemic etc are terrorising the people to the core.
Hence, it is wise to think about the problem of nutrition, not only to prolong life but also to survive.

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