The Kolbrin Bible: Manuscript of 3,600 years of antiquity that can change the history of mankind

This book, or “Bible” called Kolbrin, talks about the long forgotten or unknown events of the past, some of them even before our written history, but also warns about the imminent cataclysms that are to come.(Kolbrin Bible)

Kolbrin Bible

The Kolbrin Bible, also known as the Bronzebook or Coelbook, is the first Judeo-Christian document that combines the events currently described in the Bible, speaking of unknown episodes of the ancient past of mankind that have been deliberately concealed by current Christian textbooks .

It is the only document of its kind that still exists, and tells the whole history of human genesis, from the first people who stepped on Earth before the arrival of Adam and Eve, to the great Egyptian rulers. According to this ancient text, the term “fallen angel” referred to in Genesis refers to mortal men who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children, rather than the common belief of angelic or “divine” beings.

Kolbrin BibleIt is also mentioned that these men descend from a highly advanced earthly society that survived the first cataclysms by hiding in underground shelters. They were known as “The Children of God” and the catastrophe mentioned above was the result of their actions. Even some researchers link this story to that of Atlantis and Lemuria, the legendary civilizations believed to have ended after an impending cataclysm.

Composed of eleven books, the Kolbrin Bible offers an extensive knowledge of our past, comprising five books written by Celtic mystics after the death of Jesus Christ, and six books that are composed of ancient Egyptian scrolls written by scribes after the events that They followed the Hebrew exodus from Egypt.(Kolbrin Bible)

Joseph of Arimathea, the great uncle of Jesus, is believed to have succeeded in rescuing the Egyptian scrolls of the conqueror Julius Caesar who invaded Egypt and set fire to the largest library in the world at that time – the Library of Alexandria, destruction Of over 700,000 rolls of incalculable value was collected over the years. Dogmas dating from before the known written history would have been consumed that day, but fortunately, there are some people who retain a small portion of that forbidden knowledge.

Kolbrin BibleJoseph and Jesus’ followers then moved the Judean scrolls to Britain in a desperate attempt to preserve their context. The manuscripts are kept secret from Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset County, southwest of Great Britain, where they have been for many hundreds of years. However, a relentless fire engulfed the abbey in 1184, but the scrolls were saved from this other desperate “attempt” to conceal the true history of mankind. Some of the manuscripts were carved into thin sheets of bronze and deposited in copper-lined containers, which also helped to resist any fire or attack.

The book also contains some unique prophecies. One of them even describes how the flood caused by the arrival of Planet X, thus linking the two events in a never-before-seen scenario.

Could this mysterious compilation of forbidden knowledge rewrite the history of mankind as we know it? The attempts to erase this evidence throughout history have been very clear, which shows the great value and truth that is contained in those manuscripts.

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