An astronomer records a triangular UFO over New Jersey

It is evident that the world is changing and not only because a pandemic of a virus of unknown origin has reached our lives.

 We have seen hundreds of thousands of Americans take to the streets, in big cities and small towns, from coast to coast, to protest against police violence and systemic racism caused by the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

And as protests have continued in the United States for a second week, people from around the world have also joined this movement.

 From London to Madrid to Sydney, people have taken to the streets to express the need for police reform and racial equality. 
Many had signs saying “Black Lives Matter”, while others knelt. 

In some protests, protesters remained silent for 8 minutes, the time Floyd struggled to breathe as police officers detained him. 

Even the mysterious British urban art artist Banksy has decided to dedicate one of his works to him, a painting that shows an American flag that begins to burn when it comes into contact with a candle. 

Next to the flame and under the banner, a bouquet of flowers and a small box containing a human face in black without features or expression, only eyes.

Now, there are many who believe that 2020 is the beginning of the Apocalypse, but it is not being in the way that we have been sold, rather in the form of changes. 
Whether it is the Apocalypse or that the population is tired of so much repression, it seems that they are watching us, in silence. 

An amateur astronomer has recorded three mysterious red lights in the night sky in New Jersey, USA during protests for the murder of George Floyd.

Triangular Ufo over New Jersey

Video shared by Reddit user  “nooch1020”  shows three mysterious lights looming in the night sky .

 According to the witness, the incident was recorded near the Sicklerville community on May 31 and was subsequently published on Reddit. 

Apparently the witness and his girlfriend had been looking at the stars when they observed three strange red spheres floating above a parking area. 

In the video you can see the lights floating in the night sky for about two minutes before disappearing behind some trees.

“Nooch1020 and his girlfriend Brianna observed the strange phenomenon outside their home in Winslow Township, Southern New Jersey, on May 31,” reads the video description.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star , Brianna is an amateur astronomer and is obsessed with looking at the stars and likes to identify them.

“She saw it while using the app to see what stars they are,” said “nooch1020.” “It was just flying through the air, but like nothing she had seen in person, only in videos on the Internet. 
We observed that the shape of the triangle is quite common, although it was not a perfect triangle, so it is hard to believe that they were Chinese lanterns. It seemed to be gliding effortlessly across the sky. ”

The redditor said the sighting lasted about two minutes before disappearing into the night sky . For her part, Brianna described the lights as “amber in color.”

“They seemed to be much larger than the camera captured,” added Brianna. “It looked like a triangle to me.”

What was not expected “nooch1020” is that his video was voted hundreds of times on Reddit since it was published earlier this week. 
And there were also many users who wanted to offer their theories about the sighting. 

Most surprising of all, some said that similar flying objects with red lights have appeared in recent months moving in an apparent triangular formation across the United States, and especially since the protests over the death of George Floyd began.

Video shared by Reddit user  "nooch1020"  shows three mysterious lights looming in the night sky .

This “coincidence” led some to suggest that they were secret military aircraft .

 Conspiracy theorists have speculated that the triangular objects could be TR-3B spy planes.

 The TR-3 Black Manta is the name of a United States Air Force surveillance aircraft. 

It is said to be stealthy supersonic with a triangular design. 

However, viewers undoubtedly suggested that their interpretation is incorrect and argued that the UFOs were drones or perhaps a plane that looked anomalous due to the angle from which the witness and his girlfriend were looking at the objects.

Now what is your opinion on the strange sighting? UFOs of extraterrestrial origin, secret military aircraft, perhaps Chinese lanterns?

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