The extermination of the Nephilim narrated in the Book of the Giants

The story of the extermination of the Nephilim is present in the Book of the Giants, a rare Jewish text found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Nephilim, the giant sons of the Fallen Angels and human women, brought excessive chaos and perversion to humanity. 

They taught us about witchcraft and war and they also drank human blood. 

For all this, the god Yahweh decided to generate the Universal Flood on Earth.

The Book of Giants is a Jewish book discovered in Qumran, Palestine , as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It was attributed to Mani (216 – 274 BC), a childbirth prophet. 

The book expands the narrative of Genesis, about the giant hybrids born from the union between the Fallen Angels and human women .

Evil and oppression of the Nephilim against humanity

The Nephilim were also mentioned in the Book of Enoch . According to Enoch, the size of the giants was 137 meter

Enoch 6-16 exposes that the Fallen Angels (Watchers) and the Nephilim oppressed humanity.

They taught us malicious practices such as witchcraft, weapons manufacturing, and war . 

The giants possessed extraordinary psychic abilities, inherited from the Watchers, such as levitation, remote viewing, and even mind control

They were very smart and knew everything about science and engineering .

extermination of the Nephilim
Biblical giants. 

By these powers and wisdom, they exerted great influence on Earth, but it was a negative influence since our world had fallen into chaos
According to tradition, they “invented” human sacrifice and were vampiric, since they drank human blood!

 The Nephilim brought chaos and violence . One of the fragments of the Book of Giants says:

4Q531 Frag. 2 […] they desecrated […] 2 [… they fathered] giants and monsters […] 3 […] they fathered, and, surprise, the whole [Earth was corrupted…] 4 […] with their blood and by the hand of the […] 5 [giants] which was not enough for them […] 6 […] and they were looking to devour many […] 7 […] 8 […] the monsters attacked him.

The Universal Flood for extermination of the Nephilim

It is for this reason that the god Yahweh decides to imprison the Fallen Angels and destroy the Earth with the Universal Flood . 

One of the giants, Mahway, son of the angel Barakel, had a premonitory dream where a colossal tablet is submerged in water. When it emerges, all written names have been erased, except three. 

This clearly was a harbinger of the Universal Flood and the unique salvation of Noah and his sons.

Ohya , another giant, also had these premonitory dreams and deduced that they are omens of themselves and that they announce the destruction by the Flood in which they will perish

Then they seek Enoch to intercede for them. Mahway soars on a space journey to Enoch in the Heavens.

 Enoch promises him to dialogue with Yahweh , but the response the Nephilim receive speaks of inevitable destruction :

4Q530 Frag. 2 The scribe [Enoch…] 2 […] 3 a copy of the second tablet that [Enoch] 4 sent with the manuscript of Enoch, the notorious scribe [… In the name of God, the great] 5 and holy, for Shemihaza and all [their companions…] 6 That you know that not […] 7 and the things that they have done, and that your wives […] 8 them and their children and the wives of [their children…] 9 for debauchery of you on Earth, and there has been on you [… and the earth is crying out] 10 and complaining because of you and the actions of your children […] 11 the damage that has been done […] 12 until Rafael arrives, they will look with surprise, the destruction [is coming, a great flood, and it will destroy all living beings] 13 and everything that is found in the deserts and the seas. And the meaning of matter […] 14 about you as malevolent.

These beings are said to have manipulated the genetics of humans and animals to find ways to save themselves from redemption through a human lineage .

 It has also been argued that the spirits of the Nephilim who died are the demons we now know and that because they died to save us, the demons hate us so much.

Sadly, the Book of Giants is incomplete, and remains a mystery to the ancient mythology of giants but still reveals a piece of great information regarding the extermination of the Nephilim.
Source – Mystery Science

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