Ancient mask made up of rare extraterrestrial metal discovered in Florida

Interestingly, an ancient mask washed up on a beach in Florida.
It is believed that the Mask found is rare, very old, and may point to a massive lost $5.5 billion treasure.
Ex-MIT professor and Army Ranger Mike Torres stated the artifact is believed to be around 10,000-12,000 years old.
The enigmatic mask was made up of rare metal (Iridium), believed to have been extracted by ancient met workers some 10,000 years ago.

The discovery of the artifact has raised hopes an enormous treasure — which some speculatively value at some $5.5 billion — may lay buried nearby.
It was found using a simple metal detector. -Australian News

Ancient mask

The funerary mask was precisely crafted in the ancient past and is as thin as a sheet of paper.

As per Fox Orlando, Exploration Corporation treasure hunters excavated the ancient mask on Melbourne Beach.
It has been suggested that the presence of the mask is proof that a colossal ancient treasure, valued at around $5.5 billion may be located somewhere near the coast.

Ancient mask

Many believe that the ancient mask belongs to an ancient Pre-Inca culture and was used during religious ceremonies and rituals.

Both in the pre-Inca and Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America, Viracocha is known as the great creator deity.
This ancient deity is considered one of the most important Gods in South America.
The mask most likely depicts the Incan God Viracocha.
Myths and legends tell us that the creator deity Viracocha rose from Lake Titicaca in the time of darkness to bring light.

It is believed that Viracocha has created the sun, moon, and stars, and also that he gave birth to mankind by breathing into stones.
The first creation of Viracocha resulted in brainless giants that disappointed him.
So he destroyed his first creation with a massive flood.
After that, he created beings from smaller stones.

The recently discovered mask was most likely to be used during worshiping rituals.
The mask is believed to have been stolen in the distant past by Spanish Conquistador tomb raiders and was part of a massive cargo of looted objects that were being transported to Spain.

However, the treasure looted by Spanish Conquistador tomb raiders never made it to Europe, and the vessel carrying the items, ‘La Concepcion’ is thought to have been damaged by a hurricane in 1715, causing it to sink.

Researchers from Seafarer Exploration are trying to discover the Spanish Galleon and suggest that the recently discovered mask is evidence that it’s located somewhere near.

“It was looted from Machu Picchu,” Dr. Michael Torres, who found the mask, told FOX 35.

Researchers state that it was once covered in gold and copper.
X-Ray analysis of the artifact disclosed the fact that the mask contains iridium, which most likely came from a meteorite.

“This is some of the earliest evidence of man’s ability to metalwork and to use iridium,” Dr. Torres explained.

“That changes things, and may change the way we perceive ancient Peruvian cultures.”

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