Mysterious Historical Drawings: What do they depict?

Since ancient times, various peoples have depicted mysterious historical drawings along with human figures. 
And some of these symbols are very similar, although they belong to different people from different eras. 
Where did this tradition come from?

HMysterious Historical Drawings: What do they depict?istorical Drawings

One of these images is part of a medieval fresco “The Crucifixion” by an unknown artist painted on the wall of the Vysokie Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Serbia. 
The other is a rock painting dating back about 10 thousand years, found in Charam, India.

It is not the first time that these mysterious historical drawings have come into the field of view of supporters of alternative history, ufology, and paleocontacts, the historical drawings have drawn attention over and over again causing them to argue about what exactly their ancient authors were trying to depict. 
And when researchers noticed their obvious similarities, there were even more questions. 

Mysterious Historical Drawings: What do they depict?
Mysterious Historical Drawings: What do they depict?

In both the paintings, these objects have three “legs” or “beams”, and both have a kind of “cockpit” with a “pilot”. 
On a purely schematic basis, both objects are extremely reminiscent of the first Soviet satellite launched in 1957, but what do they actually represent?

It is believed that on a medieval Christian fresco, this “apparatus” simply symbolizes the divine message or angels. 
But what kind of angels can we talk about in a 10-thousand-year-old Indian drawing?

The historical point of view says that both the drawings actually originated from a very ancient tradition of depicting celestial objects like the Sun or the Moon in the form of circular symbols with human figures. 
But a new question arises, how did they come up with such an idea at all? Why did they associate celestial objects with humanoid beings?

It could be possible that the ancient humans saw shooting stars (meteorites) and believed that it was the deities who govern them, and the deities seemed to them like people? 
Or did they actually once collide with some celestial objects (ships), from which humanoid beings emerged?

It is very easy to write off everything with a rich imagination.
But these traditions are so widespread throughout the world that one cannot get rid of imagination. 

Moreover, scientists are very well aware that the ancient people loved to sketch everything they saw in reality, everyone knows about the colorful images of animals, fish, and birds that they left on the walls of their caves. 
So why, then, the historical drawings of mammoths are considered real, and the drawings of incomprehensible 3-legged vehicles for some reason taken for fiction?

For the first time, the press reported about a mysterious 10-thousand-year-old image of a “satellite” from an Indian cave in 2014.
The local archaeologist J. Bhagat considered that the drawing depicts an alien ship. 
The caves where these historical drawings were found are located 130 km from the city of Raipur

Interestingly, in the same caves, two more strange “murals” were discovered that depict large-headed humanoid creatures. 
The drawings are very blurry, but the appearance of these creatures is very similar to the typical “Gray” aliens.

Residents of the nearby villages have long known about the existence of these cave drawings and some of them believe that these are images of the Gods, while others tell stories about the “People of Rohel” – little people who flew from the sky on around ship and regularly took several people from the village and people who were taken away never came back.

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