Kingman UFO Crash

Kingman UFO: Top Officials Confirm Crashed UFO and an Alien Body

This is the famous Kingman UFO incident, where a flying saucer and at least one extraterrestrial biological entity were recovered.

Kingman UFO: Top Officials Confirm Crashed UFO and an Alien Body

Official Statements on The Kingman UFO Crash

According to Christopher Mellon, former deputy assistant secretary of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a “senior government official” uncovered key details about the “management structure and security control systems” of an apparent UFO recovery program.

This is how he was able to verify it after a private online exchange, whose screenshots he shared a few hours ago on his X account (for a better understanding of the text, clarifications appear in brackets and the term “UAP” was replaced by “UFO”):

Kingman UFO: Top Officials Confirm Crashed UFO and an Alien Body

“Right now, we haven’t gone that far back. We are dealing with the recovered UFO that landed in Kingman, Arizona, in the 1950s. We are collecting information while the [redacted] process it. We now know the management structure and safety control systems, as well as the ownership of C/ R . We also know who recovers UFOs that land or crash and under what authorities. Additionally, we know that a still highly classified memo from a US Secretary of the Air Force in the 1950s remains in place to maintain the UFO cover-up. We also identified SES-2 [for Senior Executive Service-2], which is the guardian of the Air Force [name redacted here but provided to Congress].”

Out of respect for the confidentiality of the author, I have saved this message for several years. I have also removed parts of the document to protect the identity of the author,” Mellon explained on his De ella blog. «However, I recently obtained written permission from the author to release it. Additionally, it has been approved for public release by the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR). “My goal in publishing this document, amid the government’s general denials regarding the possession of extraterrestrial technology, is simply to help others understand why some, including myself, consider these allegations worthy of investigation.”

The crash case referred to is known as the Kingman Incident . Happened in May 1953, near the Nevada Atomic Testing Range, it involves the fall of a strange object and the secret operation to recover it.

More than David Grusch

Mellon also gave details about the level of this high-ranking witness, which, according to him, far exceeds that of whistleblower David Grusch.

“This senior government official claimed that he was being granted access to an alleged alien technology recovery and exploitation program. I won’t comment on the organization he worked for, but I can confirm that the person had plausible access and held a high-ranking position; considerably taller than whistleblower Dave Grusch. “As you can see, this person claimed to be gaining deep knowledge about the program and even provided the name of the alleged Air Force ‘gatekeeper’ (who decides who has access to certain information and who doesn’t) for this supposed secret realm,” he said.

I have shared an unredacted copy of this message with some members of the staff and the various congressional oversight committees. As far as I know, no one has decided to contact the alleged guardian of the Air Force to verify the veracity of this statement,” he concluded.

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