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The Mysterious Ley Lines: Earth’s Invisible Energy Grid That Provide Power And Navigation To UFOs

Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by the mysteries of the Earth and its many hidden energies. One such phenomenon that has captured the attention of many is the concept of ley lines. Ley lines are said to be invisible lines of energy that crisscross the Earth, connecting sacred sites and other points of interest. Some believe that these lines are linked to the supernatural, attracting UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.

An astonishing discovery was made in the 1920s that revealed that the ancient sites present all around the globe are located in a synchronised manner. All the sacred structures, including Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Great Wall of China, are located in a straight line. These lines were first identified by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins and given the name “Ley” or “Ley lines.”

A lot of folks think there’s a grid of earth energy that goes around the planet. A ley line is a straight fault line in the earth’s geologic plates; this was also acknowledged by modern science. Certain people have the ability to tap into the concentrated energy found at the intersections of these ley lines. Numerous witnesses attest to experiencing this energy rush; some even report passing out under its extreme intensity.

 Map showing the St. Michaels Ley Lines
 Map showing the St. Michaels Ley Lines

Legends Of Ley Lines In Ancient Culture

“Stonehenge on Sailsbury Plain took approx 300 years to build (so it is said), starting around 2000BC. Why it was built is not known, but what is undeniable is the fact that it lines up with another five prehistoric and religious landmarks. Stonehenge is part of a 30 km long ley line…”

Investigative researcher Darren Perks

The common misconception in the United Kingdom is that the druids discovered these lines. In spite of this, American Indians formerly referred to Ley lines as “spirit lines,” and their Shamans made use of the electromagnetic energy emitted by these lines to establish communication with the spirits. Knowing that these spirit lines followed a curved path, they based the design of their medicine wheel on them.

Who Told The Ancient People About The Ley Lines?

Well, here the question arises: how did the ancient cultures know about these Ley Lines and the energies they possessed? It was revealed that the sky gods gave them the knowledge of these lines. The Chinese referred to ley lines as “dragon lines” because of the popular belief that the sky gods rode dragons along these routes.

Furthermore, the aboriginal people of Australia referred to these lines as dream lines (Songline or dreaming track), claiming that wisdom was transmitted down to them from the sky gods.

Becker-Hagens Grid
Becker-Hagens Grid

“The location of sacred sites across the world is thought to be interconnected by these lines. These points of intersection can be positive – spiraling in an upwards, clockwise direction or negative – spiraling downwards in an anti-clockwise direction. A positive v ortex can be found when Ley Lines meet at a 90-degree angle – these sites are believed to promote good health and a peaceful mental state. In contrast, when a negative, imbalanced vortex occurs, lines are said to intersect less positively. These negative energy lines are believed to be draining and able to cause poor mental, emotional, energetic, and physical health.”


Ley Lines Connection With UFOs

Ufologists are interested in the ley lines due to the fact that they also attract UFOs. Darren Perks suggests that UFOs and alien spaceships use ley lines as recharging stations. He theorizes that aliens utilize the Earth’s magnetic fields to navigate and gyroscopes to power their extraterrestrial ships.

There have been a lot of animal mutilations and UFO sightings near Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle. It is believed that the circle predates 3000 B.C., making it far older than Stonehenge.

The west side of Mitchell’s Fold
The west side of Mitchell’s Fold

John Anthony Dunkin (Tony) Wedd (1919–1980) was the first to propose a link between extraterrestrial craft and ley lines, or lines of mysterious earth forces. Lueurs sur les Soucoupes Volantes (M.A.M.E., 1954), written by Aimé Michel (1919–1992), was translated into English, and he had read it.

Here, Michel suggested his theory, which he named “orthotenies,” that the French UFO landing (or near-landing) locations documented in 1954 might be organized into a grid of straight lines. There is no proof that Michel knew about Watkins’ ley lines, so it looks like Wedd was the first to notice a possible link.

Buck Nelson (1894–1982) claimed in his 1956 book My Trip to Mars that he had been abducted by aliens and was taught how UFOs navigate by following magnetic currents in the earth. Wedd came to the conclusion that Watkins’ leys were linked to Michel’s orthotenies and Nelson’s magnetic currents.

The booklet Skyways and Landmarks, released by John Anthony Dunkin (Tony) Wedd in 1961, was the first to highlight the idea that aliens used ley lines to find their way around the globe. Wedd established a group called the Star Fellowship with the intention of having peaceful communication with aliens.

The group included other ufologists of that time who were keen in their research regarding UFOs and other phenomena related to them. Mary Long, a psychic and member of the Star Fellowship, started discussing ley lines and nodal sites, inspiring others to do their own ley hunting. The fact that most UFO and abduction instances have occurred along ley lines is more evidence that they may attract the UFO phenomenon.

An article titled “The Yorkshire Triangle,” published in UFO Encounters magazine, suggests that areas with ley lines arranged in a perfect equilateral triangle are more likely to have paranormal and extraterrestrial encounters. The ley lines attract UFOs and other supernatural phenomena, similar to how a magnet attracts metal.

In conclusion, the concept of Ley Lines, an invisible grid of Earth’s energy, has fascinated people around the world for centuries. While the scientific evidence supporting their existence may be limited, their presence in ancient cultures highlights the ingenuity and curiosity of our ancestors.

In the future, scientific advancements will shed more light on this fascinating topic, allowing us to further understand the mysteries of our planet’s energy and its potential to connect us to other realms. Overall, the study of Ley Lines serves as a reminder of the rich history of human exploration and the potential for us to discover new and exciting phenomena in the world around us.

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