Ship shaped anomaly seen on the Sun for months

The observation of strange anomalies near or (as in this case) on the Sun is becoming more frequent in recent months. Here is the most recent anomaly seen on the Sun

Although we know what they are: camera errors? plasma ejections? physical objects? They are always there and are registered in dozens of videos taken by probes that monitor the Sun.

In this case, a new anomaly in the form of a spaceship has been captured, however there is something different from other appearances: that possible object has been on the sun for several months!

The anomaly hunter Scott Waring has shared on his website the discovered images that show the rarity.

Close-up to the anomaly captured in the Sun anomaly seen on the Sun
Foreground to the anomaly captured in the Sun. Courtesy: Ufo Sightings Daily / Youtube

Waring comments on the following on his website:

I noticed this black UFO triangle about two weeks ago and I’ve been following it. Some people tried to explain it as dust on the lens of the solar satellite, but the dust does not travel through the sun. The dust would remain in place. This object is dark black and that tells me that it is much colder than the surface of the sun. Alien technology could achieve this. If an alien species were billions of years ahead of our technology, such materials would be immune to heat.

This object is approximately the size of the Earth’s moon. If it is a ship it is huge and seems to be trapped in the gravity of the sun. I think that the possible ship has some propulsion left because it sinks more and more slowly. Maybe he is hiding from someone. Or maybe it is caught in the gravity of the sun and cannot escape, which would take months or even years for something the size of the moon to be dragged into the sun, especially if the ship is struggling to escape with some propulsion systems.”.

(anomaly seen on the Sun)

Rescuing some things from what Waring poses:

  • It is complicated that a camera error remains for several months in the same position.
  • The color that shows the anomaly indicates that it is cooler than the solar surface.
  • And as an addition: there is no ejection that stays that way, in the same way, for months.

You can watch the video below:

Something is absolute: we do not know what it is, we do not know what it does there, we do not know if it is alien technology, but as a possibility (in view of the dozens of similar cases reported here on it is to take into account. This type of phenomenon must be investigated without explanation, perhaps there is an answer that we have been looking for for a long time. FT

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