The Apparitions of Fatima: A Massive UFO Sighting in 1917?

On May 13, 1917, three Portuguese children met their cattle in a place called Fátima. Lightning struck, and the oldest of them, Lúcia dos Santos, suggested to her two cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, that they should return to their homes in the face of an imminent storm. To their surprise, on an oak they saw “a lady dressed in white, brighter than the Sun” ..(lady fatima)



Among other things, the “lady” told them that she was coming “from the sky” and that they return to the same place on the 13th of the following month. They did so and the “little woman” again invited them to attend Cova de Iria on the 13th. At the appearance of Julio, the “lady” would have made some revelations, which would later be known as the “secrets of Fatima” , Whose third part was made public on June 26.

And it was at this apparition that the “lady” asked the children to continue to go there every day, and that in October I would tell them who I was, that I wanted them and promised them that I would do a “miracle” so that people could believe them . The children attended their appointment with the “lady” on time, except in August, because the visionaries were imprisoned and threatened by the Administrator of Vila Nova de Ourem -Artur de Oliveira Santos- to reveal the “secret “.

The August event occurred on the 15th, once the children were released, although not in the usual oak tree but in a place known as Valinhos. The children attended each of the appointments on the 13th, while the fame of the apparitions increased every month. Thus it was already spoken that it was the Virgin who appeared to the three seers, and the number of people who accompanied the children to Cova de Iría increased exponentially.

But the events of Fatima were limited to the story of the three children, since none of the spectators – except them – could see or hear the “Lady”. Not even young Francisco could hear her, who only saw her as she knelt in front of her. On October 13, when the “Virgin” had promised a “miracle”, about 70,000 people had gathered in the rough esplanade of Fatima, hoping to see a prodigious phenomenon. And heaven did not disappoint them.(lady fatima)


According to Lúcia dos Santos, in her Fourth Memoir, the Lady presented herself to the children on that day as usual, and claimed to be the “Lady of the Rosary”. He announced that the war was about to end (World War I) and that the soldiers would return home. Lúcia asked the Lady to heal the sick who were piling up there, and she replied that she would only heal those who asked for forgiveness for their sins.

On that day the virgin would also have asked the children to build a chapel in their name. After leaving the sunrise, the solar miracle occurred, where according to descriptions, the sky opened and the Astro King began to move convulsively, causing the admiration of the audience.

This event was observed by thousands of people present, among whom were believers, skeptics, peasants and intellectuals. And the diversity and quantity of witnesses gives a special interest to the “solar phenomenon”, because the rest of the apparitions of Fatima were limited to the three children visionaries.(lady fatima)


It is unlikely that it was the Sun that danced on October 13. Any movement of the star – however small – would cause catastrophic consequences not only on our planet, but throughout the Solar System.

At that time the Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon told the journalists of the newspaper O SÃculo that “If it were a cosmic phenomenon, the astronomical observatories would detect it with exactitude. But that is precisely what is missing, the inevitable record of some disturbance in the system … however small it may be. “(lady fatima)

What happened at Fatima in 1917? Was it the Aurora Boreal as the skeptics suggested – not too well? A collective hallucination? It seems unlikely. What if it was a UFO?

The finger in the sore was put by Dr. Fina D’Armada and the Portuguese historian Joaquim Fernandes, when they published their book “Extraterrestrial intervention in Fatima”. Without prejudice, D’Armada and Fernandes analyze the phenomena observed in Fatima in 1917 from a modern perspective, concluding that the phenomena that occurred in the Sierra de Ourem at that time, have all the ingredients of a UFO sighting.

Among the documents consulted by D’Armada, there are numerous testimonies about the phenomenon of October 17. Before the apparitions began, they were seen by small witnesses, luminous objects, known in ufology as Foo-Fighters, even one of them beating Carolina Carolina’s sister in the face.(lady fatima)

A silver balloon, a ladder-shaped object and “clouds” were also observed that were heading in the opposite direction to the wind. As for the “solar phenomenon”, some witnesses assert that it was the Sun himself that moved, while others suggest that a “metallic” or “glass” disc preceded the star. Finally, the “Sun” became transparent and within the disk three beings were observed, that -influenced by the context- were interpreted as the “Holy Family”.(lady fatima)


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