A giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds

What is happening with the sudden surge of giant-eyed sightings in the sky? In less than a month, all kinds of photographs and videos have been published on the Internet of a giant eye looking towards the Russian city of Chelyabinsk . The mysterious “eye” appeared in the early morning hours of March 30 near the Chelyabinsk railway station. Several witnesses were astonished by what they were witnessing, so they decided to record it for later publishing it on social networks.(giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds)

According to several Russian media, none of the witnesses could explain that it caused the mysterious glow. And less than a week later, another eye pink giant eye appeared on the city of Nýdek, in the Czech Republic. According to amateur astronomer Martin Popek, the bright red eye appeared at the time an unusual storm formed. And now, a resident of Leeds, Yorkshire, England, has shared a photograph showing a mysterious eye in the sky very well defined.(giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds)

The big brother watches over us

An amateur photographer was speechless when he photographed a flashy eye-shaped cloud creating a unique show about his house. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail Online , Graham Telford witnessed the unusual formation of nines over Leeds, Yorkshire, last Wednesday. Telford, 46, a father of two, said he could not help feeling like he was being watched while photographing the peculiar formation.(giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds)

“I’ve never seen anything like this before ,” Telford said. “These clouds form just the perfect form of an eye, right up to the eyebrow. It was incredible. I personally do not believe in someone up there looking down on us, but when I saw this I definitely felt like someone was watching us. The people I’ve shown the picture to have made comments about what it is, as evidence that the big brother is watching us while others have said that it is the eye of God watching over us. Very few people have had slightly different interpretations, but all in the same line. “

giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds


And Telford added that the strange cloud faded as quickly as it appeared . The amateur photographer acknowledged that he photographed anything that caught his attention but had not seen anything like this in his entire life.

“I was actually taking pictures of a couple of lenticular clouds, but it was quite windy and I could see this other formation over my house so I kept taking photos,” added Telford. “I’m glad I stared at the sky. I wanted to get the right camera, but I did not have time. It disappeared as quickly as it had formed so I could photograph it with my iPhone and then it vanished. He usually photographed anything out of the ordinary, strange clouds, northern lights, birds, anything that caught my attention, so to speak, but this was something totally different. I have taken many photos of cloud formations in recent years, but never anything so unusual and defined as this. A couple of people have told me that I should have edited it with Photoshop because it is too good, But the truth is that it has not been modified. That is exactly what it was. Anyone can check that my photo has not been edited. “

giant eye appears on the English city of Leeds


And because of the large number of similar photographs and videos around the world, conspiracy theorists say governments are launching the well-known and sinister “Blue Beam Project . As we have commented on several occasions, the Blue Beam Project is a four-phase process that would result in a world government and a single religion. At this time they would be using the holographic projections, and the next step would be the extraterrestrial invasion or the second coming of Christ.

However, skeptics say the mysterious eye over Leeds is simply lenticular clouds, which form in the Earth’s troposphere (the lowest level of the atmosphere). As the name implies, a lenticular cloud is shaped like a saucer, or a converging lens. They are stationary clouds, and form at high altitudes in mountainous areas and isolated from other clouds. Because of their unusual shapes, lenticular clouds have been mistakenly identified as unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Are people seeing big eyes in the sky around the world? Or is it just a coincidence?

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