The declassified NASA patent to create an artificial sun

This NASA patent describes an artificial sun since the 1960s, suddenly fueling the belief that the two suns we see in different videos could be much more than fiction.

artificial sun

We have to admit that whenever I found a “two suns” video I usually ignored it because of the high probability that it was a lens flash or another cheap trick. But now, it makes us think Could it be as real as people say it?

Patents from NASA in 1961 and 1966 where a system of artificial lighting would be approved made us reconsider the theory of the “two suns”.
This patent, which certainly has more than five decades, is about creating an artificial sun capable of illuminating most, if not the entire globe, in the same way that our REAL Sun does now.

The concept was considered “a novel lighting system” designed to create “a single virtual source” of light. But why would we need an artificial reflector powered by our own Sun? What applicability does this have?

It would consider that such an innovative invention would be of practical utility for its users or beneficiaries, but this aspect has been skilfully avoided by this NASA patent that only focuses on its functionality. Let’s look at some of these issues addressed in the document:

In a solar simulator system, it is desirable to provide means to vary the intensity of the illumination in a relatively wide range without changes in the spectral distribution of the illumination, so that the simulator can be used to simulate sunlight and moonlight .

In other words, the artificial reflector would have to be adjusted in a way that simulates not only the sunlight, but also the natural light of the earth and the moon.

It has been almost six decades since the patent was created, and it seems that this idea has already become a reality. There is abundant evidence that now shows artificial suns of a non-natural hexagonal shape during sunrise or sunrise.

The real sun is also visible in the background, and generally has much smaller proportions than the artificial one. The whole concept is based on the schemes of this NASA patent: the real sun drives this huge reflector into the sky from behind, allowing sunlight to reflect through it.

We could swear it was a lens flare unless you’ve seen this patent available from NASA. It has a hexagonal shape and larger than normal dimensions.

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The reason why they are doing these experiments is purely speculative for now, but in addition to the common idea that the government is poisoning us through all layers of the environment, which by the way is a bit confusing because we are all residents of it Planet and without discrimination exposed to the same environmental threats, some have suggested that the government is transforming the Earth to make way for a new hybrid species.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, neural bands, CRISPR gene editing technology available on a large scale and many dreams of becoming cyborgs, the idea mentioned above is beginning to take shape.

Humans have made possible what was considered impossible decades ago, and while the globalist agenda advances, it seems that they are giving way to a new species of humans, a hybrid species improved with technological improvements and with a mind that no longer belongs to them.

But this is pure speculation, until it becomes real and the masses will no longer have the power to overthrow the evil that has been done. No doubt we can draw many conclusions, but none of them could answer us the true objective of the artificial sun of NASA .. Or yes? Leave your comment below.

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  1. a link to the patent itself or the patent number itself wouldve
    given proof and therefore
    i had a personal experience
    a few years ago seeing duel
    suns so something is most definitely up.
    thank you for getting these
    truths out.

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