Bep Kororoti: The Anunnaki who lived in the Amazon and left his legacy behind

In his book “Gods from Outer Space”, Erich von Däniken published details of the myth of Bep Kororoti. 
This plays an important role in the ritual dances of the Kayapó Indians of Brazil.

Bep Kororoti: The Anunnaki who lived in the Amazon and left his legacy behind

Wearing a wicker suit similar to that of a contemporary astronaut, the Kayapó tribe annually celebrates the arrival of the mysterious Bep Kororoti, the Anunnaki who used to live in the Amazon.

According to tribal leaders, this strange man from the Pukato-Ti mountain range instilled fear at first, but he quickly adopted the position of a Messiah in the group of natives.
The ancient legend says that:

“Little by little, the people of the village were being attracted to the foreigner because of his beauty, the shining whiteness of his skin, and his kindness towards everyone.

“He was smarter than the others and soon he began to teach many things unknown to people.”

Tale of Bep kororoti

According to Amazonian legend, one-day Bep Kororoti broke out in a fit of madness. 
He screamed and did not allow the aborigines to come near his body.
The locals chased him to the foot of the mountain, and the stranger fled into the skies in the midst of a tremendous explosion that shook everything around.
According to the story:

“Bep-Kororoti disappeared into thin air amid flaming clouds, smoke and thunder.”

“With the explosion, the earth had been shaken in such a way that they jumped up to the roots of the plants, and the jungle disappeared and the tribe began to feel hungry.”

The ethnologist Joao Americo Peret, who had interviewed the elders of the aboriginal community in 1952, affirmed that the history of Bep-Kororoti dates back to distant periods.

The cargo cult that grew up around a definitely real being, leaves present-day researchers in suspense about what kind of person would visit the jungle of Mato Grosso in such a remote period, with an astronaut suit and a “magic” rod capable to knock down an animal just by touching it.

Bep-Kororoti does not fit as a humanitarian American soldier that the Tanna of Vanuatu still adores.

Interestingly, when the story of the Kayapos was first broadcast, the design of the astronaut suits did not even exist in the sketches of the space agencies of the great powers.

Even the detail of the second departure of the cosmonaut which says that the stranger disappeared between clouds of smoke, lightning, and thunder, is reminiscent of the take-off of a modern spaceship.

“The man from the cosmos sat down again on that special tree and ordered the branches to bend until they touched the ground. And again there was an explosion and the tree disappeared again into the air. “

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