Unsolved Mystery: Why Did the Anunnaki Leave Earth?

It is believed by many that approximately 445,000 years ago, ancient astronauts from another planet in the cosmos landed on Earth looking for gold.
The Ancient Sumerians assert that they extracted their knowledge of the distant past from the teachings and writings of the Anunnaki.
But why did the Anunnaki leave earth?

Enduring mystery about why the Anunnaki leave Earth

What was the reason for their departure from Earth?
What happened after the fall of Babylon?
According to research, this mass destruction was due to a civil war (maybe, a nuclear war) between the clans of Enki and Enlil (for political ambitions). 
Ishtar and Marduk started the conflict. 
Marduk retook Babylon through Cyrus the Great of Persia in 539 BC.
However, then all the Anunnaki left the Earth.
Did Marduk stay here?
Answers to these questions are found in the book The End of Times by Zecharia Sitchin. 
According to this book, everything begins when the Second Pyramid War took place, between the two different clans.

The Anunnaki civil war: Clans of Enki vs. Clans of Enlil

Unsolved Mystery: Why Did the Anunnaki Leave Earth?
Akkadian seal with the goddess Inanna, 2350-2150 BC.

It was the civil war caused by Inanna / Ishtar, who wanted to control Africa and Egypt which led the Anunnaki to leave Earth.
Inanna also wanted to further develop her governorate in India, so she had stolen ME templates with engineering skills.
Marduk was disadvantaged and decided to build the city of Babylon and the Tower of Babel in order to reach the Heavens (a spaceport to launch spaceships towards Nibiru, the Anunnaki planet)

However, Enlil caused the confusion of language among the builders.
That’s when the Second Pyramid War broke out, with nuclear weapons destroying Sumer and the Sinai Peninsula spaceport (which Marduk wanted to control).

Unsolved Mystery: Why Did the Anunnaki Leave Earth?
Anunnaki flying over with a winged ship.

The city of Babylon escaped being attacked by the bombs and was able to develop under the dominance of one. 
With that dominion, all the kings of Babylon were obliged to worship Marduk. 
The Enuma Elish was directed to enhance it.

Enlil’s clan withdrew in defeat, abandoning certain important temples. 
Later, the cult of Marduk was displaced by that of the God Sin, due to the machinations of the High Priestess of Sin, who brought her son Nabonidus to the throne of Babylon (in 556 BC).

Taking Babylon back in honor of Marduk

Fall of Babylon, Cyrus the Great defeating the Chaldeans, J. Martin

Despite this, Marduk made a pact with Cyrus, the Great of Persia, to conquer Babylon in honor of the God. 
This conquest occurred on October 12, 539 BC.
The conquest appears in the Cyrus Cylinder and it was the fall of Babylon.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki left Earth in two separate groups. 
Enlil’s clan came out first, following Marduk’s defeat in the Second Pyramid War. 
The second exodus was more complete, as clans of both Enki and Enlil left after the taking of Babylon.

The End of Times stipulates that all the Gods left in ships from spaceports in America (such as Nazca and Teotihuacán). 
According to the official story, that Sitchin narrative is not true, neither Nazca nor Teotihuacán were spaceports for ancient aliens. 
Still, archaeologists have discovered very little about the fate of the Sumerian gods after Babylon and Assyria.

Anunnaki, the Tree of Life and a winged airship, ancient seal

A piece of crucial related information is in writings of the Hurrian and Hittite civilizations (back in Turkey). 
They said that the Anunnaki were banished to the Underworld by the New Gods, such as Tarhun, Arinnitti, and A’as (Enki himself).

So this alternate history of Sitchin is controversial, however, the researcher provides many logical connections of important points between historical sites, historical events (such as the conquest of Babylon), and mythology.


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  1. When you listen to the 5-episode series of the film “THE ANNUNAKI MOVIE 1-5” (available on YouTube) the war of Babylon is recounted (episode 5). However, a mystery still unsolved (neither in the podcast nor in this paper) is how Marduk comes out victorious after the conflict. In fact, in the movie, we learn that the opposing camp had seized and used the “weapons of terror” (which from the description one understands as nuclear weapons) and annihilated the whole geographical region, but a mysterious fate makes the city of Babylon to be spared. In my perception, the contradiction is this: the balance of powers seems very largely unfavorable to Marduk but at the end of the day he wins and the other gods end up evacuating (or let’s even say retreating) to the Americas?

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