The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident: Crashed UFO, Military Intervention and Alien Bodies

The night of January 20, 1974, was the one that many witnessed the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident that they would never forget. It is reported that an unidentified flying object landed or crashed on an isolated peak in North Wales’ Berwyn Mountains and the military intervened to collect the bodies of the aliens.

Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident

This incident occurred on the evening of 20 January 1974, when local witnesses reported seeing a UFO collide with one of the Berwyn Mountain peaks in North Wales, United Kingdom. This event is all the more remarkable given the sheer volume of testimony provided by local eyewitnesses who witnessed the event unfold.

“I saw this bright light hanging in the sky. It had a long fiery tail that seemed to be motionless for several minutes, going dim and then very brilliant, like a dormant fight that keeps coming to life. It would have been like an electric light bulb in shape, except that it seemed to have rough edges. then it fell somewhere behind my bungalow, and the earth shook.”

A witness from Llandrillo, Annie Williams

“The whole house shook violently and suddenly. It began quite suddenly, lasted for a few seconds, then stopped just as suddenly.”

The owner of the village post office in Ysbyty Ifan, David Hughes

“There was a great roar and a bang… The sky lit up over the mountains. The color was yellowish but other people in the valley described seeing blue lights.”

A local Police Constable, Gwilym Owen

Rumors quickly spread around Llandrillo and the nearby towns and villages of Bala, Llandderfel, Corwen, and Crogen in the days following the tragedy. Locals were discussing how the military had retrieved a massive, crashed UFO up on the mountain; they discussed covert procedures to remove the craft and how the military was plainly attempting to keep this a secret.

Strangely, around the time of the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident, reports of odd sightings in the UK skies began to pour in from all over the country. There has been an increase in reports of individuals seeing brilliant lights in the sky and an excess of unexplained helicopters in the Midlands.

A day before the claimed UFO crash in North Wales, multiple witnesses saw odd, unmarked helicopters flying over Darley Moor in Derbyshire, Prestbury, and Scholar Green in Cheshire, as well as the vicinity of Aston Cantlow near Stratford-upon-Avon.

Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident

The local police force in Cheshire was so perplexed as to what was going on and who these strange helicopters belonged to that they contacted both Special Branch and the Royal Air Force for answers, neither of which provided any explanation; no response was provided as to who flew the helicopters or why they were there.

Around the same time, investigator Tommy Blann stated that he had a contact in the United States, a US military lieutenant colonel who stated:

“Underground installations, as well as isolated areas of military reservations, have squadrons of unmarked helicopters, which have sophisticated instrumentation on board, that are dispatched to areas of UFO activity to monitor these craft or airlift them out of the area if one has malfunctioned.”

This idea gained prominence in January 1974, when The Times published an article claiming that a sudden flood of US CIA agents had arrived in the UK. It appears as though the entire United Kingdom was besieged by weird phenomena during this time period.

Pat Evans, The Nurse Who Witnessed the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident

Pat Evans was at home with her two girls on that night of 20 January 1974; her husband was a long-distance lorry driver who was gone at the time. She remembers how the earth trembled violently just before she heard a huge explosion.

Mrs Evans initially assumed a plane had crashed on the Berwyns; she was a nurse and had been called out two years prior to assist with a military plane crash in the same region.

“I’ve heard this terrific explosion; I think a plane’s crashed. Shall I go? The police replied to her, “Yes, please do. We will inform the appropriate authorities.”

The Nurse called Colwyn Bay Police and said

Mrs Evans immediately rushed into her car with her two teenage children and drove up the track from their village to the B4391, a drive that takes about 15-minute trip back to the main road. They then drove up into the Berwyns and across the Berwyn mountains, all the way to the highest point on the Berwyns accessible by road; below them was a large drop down into a valley, and on the other side was a pine forest.

Pat Evans and her daughters witnessed what they described as a massive egg-shaped object that was well defined and emitting a defused light just above the pine trees. They were around a quarter-mile distant from the thing. For almost ten minutes, the three of them stood in awe of what they could see. The daughters began to feel uneasy, and one of them stated, “Come on, mum, let us depart. We have no recourse; this is not an aircraft crash.”

More Witnesses of the Incident

Miss Wynne, another witness, had gone out that evening with her father and brother to visit family members. They reported feeling the earth shake and hearing an explosion as they drove back towards Corwen.

When they raised their eyes to the mountains, they noticed a bright glow in the sky, much as one would anticipate from an explosion. The three of them drove along the Forestry Commission route in an attempt to ascertain what had occurred; it was a very small road with no turn lanes.

They claimed that the route was littered with police and military personnel the entire way; they also claimed to have spotted the glowing UFO just beyond the forested area in the foothills. Thus, how did Miss Wynne’s description of the UFO compare to that of the nurse, Pat Evans? To be sure, they were identical.

They asked the police about what was happening, however the police instructed them to go back rudely stating that it has nothing to do with them.

As indicated previously, the road being so narrow, and with so many other drivers venturing up to see what was going on, they had a good look at this UFO, whatever it was.

That is, hundreds of individuals witnessed what appeared to be a spaceship on the mountain.
Rumors persisted in the local area that a covert military operation had been conducted to remove the object, whatever it was. This was by no means the end of the Berwyn UFO encounter.

Recovery of the Alien Bodies from the Sight of the Incident

Tony Dodd, a well-known investigator in this sector, said in 1996 that he spoke with a retired military official who was present during the Berwyn UFO encounter and revealed some mind-blowing information.

Dodd asserted that his source was trustworthy and that he verified his credentials and determined that he was indeed who he claimed to be. To safeguard his identity, the apparent retired military official was given the moniker James Prescott.

“I cannot name my unit or barracks as they are still operational,” Prescott said to Tony, as he told him how on 18 January his unit was put on “stand-by to move north at short notice.” Twenty-four hours later, the unit was directed to make its way towards Birmingham.

“We then received orders to proceed with speed towards North Wales, but we were halted in Chester in readiness for a military exercise we believed was about to take place.”

According to Prescott, in January 1974, he was stationed at an Army barracks in the south of England.

Prescott remembered how his military unit was told on 20 January to move to Llangollen in North Wales and wait there. He stated that upon their arrival at Llangollen, his unit observed a high level of “ground and aircraft activity.” Around 11.30 p.m., the events took a truly weird turn.

We, that is myself and four others, were ordered to go to Llandderfel and were under strict orders not to stop for any civilians.”

Prescott remembered how his military unit was told on 20 January to move to Llangollen in North Wales and wait there. He stated that upon their arrival at Llangollen, his unit observed a high level of “ground and aircraft activity.” Around 11.30 p.m., the events took a truly weird turn.

“We were at this time warned not to open the boxes, but to proceed to the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down and deliver the boxes to them.”

They arrived at Porton Down after a roughly four-hour drive, and the mystery cargo was taken inside the facility.

“Once inside, the boxes were opened by staff at the facility in our presence. We were shocked to see two creatures which had been placed inside decontamination suits.”

“When the suits were fully opened it was obvious that the creatures were clearly not of this world and, when examined, were found to be dead. What I saw in the boxes that day made me change my whole concept of life.”

Prescot made a fascinating claim

“The bodies were about five or six foot tall, humanoid in shape, but so thin they looked almost skeletal with a covering skin. Although I did not see a craft at the scene of the recovery, I was informed that a large craft had crashed and was recovered by other military units.”

“Sometime later we joined up with other elements of our unit, who informed us that they had also transported bodies of ‘alien beings’ to Porton Down, but said that their cargo was still alive.”

Prescott also added that this was “the only time I was ever involved in anything of this nature. This event took place many years ago and I am now retired from the Armed Forces.”


Tony Dodd has stated numerous times that he believes James Prescott is absolutely real and that the only reason he is unwilling to report the incident is fear of retaliation from the Ministry of Defence.

Ministry of Defense Classified The Incident As An Earthquake and A Meteor

Pat Evans, the nurse who claimed to have seen the bright UFO on the hilltop, broke her silence in 2013 after the Ministry of Defence declared that the Berwyn UFO incident was a result of a combination of an earthquake and a meteor, calling their explanation “rubbish.”

“It was unidentified because they couldn’t identify it and it couldn’t have got there any other way apart from being flown there, so it had to be a UFO of some sort. I’m talking about something that could only have got there by flying and landing.”

Mrs Evans, despite categorically rejecting the MoD’s narrative, stands by what she claims to have witnessed with her two teenage children, adding:

“It’s rubbish. I know what I’ve seen.”

“I had the meteorite people call here. There’s a smell of sulphur with meteors and there was no smell, just night air.

“We just saw this huge ball glowing and pulsating on the mountain. Some lights seem to be scattered around it and I just wish we’d stayed to see what the end result was – whether it would just disappear or fly away.”

“We didn’t see anybody on the road even though there were various reports that we were told to go away by armed police and military etc, which was all totally untrue. We’d heard an almighty bang and we live at the foot of the mountain and I thought it might have been a plane crash. Me being a nurse and my girls being in St John (Ambulance) I thought we could help.”

Do you believe a UFO crashed in 1974 in the Welsh mountains? Discuss with us in the comment section.

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