Terrifying and Damn Internet Sites

The Internet is a surprising world, and you can almost say that it has acquired a life of its own. It is an extensive and unexplored digital territory, a desert in itself. And like any desert we can find certain strange things, anomalies and inexplicable stories. If we move through all the vast reserves of knowledge deposited on the net, there are certainly dark corners of the web that remain a mystery and sometimes frightening. From haunted places, to cursed cyberspace, the Internet has become a powerful seat of the paranormal and the inexplicable. Let’s start the journey through the darkest and most dangerous places on the World Wide Web.(Terrifying and Damn Internet Sites)

The Ghost of Repleh Snatas

A site that in recent years has earned a reputation for being “dark” features the ghost of a girl named “Repleh Snatas” . According to history, this girl was born sometime in the 18th century in strange circumstances, after several alleged miscarriages. Repleh apparently was born with a very unusual birthmark on his face, something that was regarded as the mark of the devil. Her family was convinced that the girl was possessed by Satan herself, so they decided to lock her in her room, subjected to horrible torture and abuse.

So far it’s a simple story to not sleep, but what relationship does it have with the Internet? Well, the story goes that a storm knocked down a telephone pole on Repleh’s grave, and soon after that a mysterious web page began appearing on the Internet , always after midnight, which is the only time it can be accessed. If you try to access the site at any other time, an image of the girl appears with the following message: “The wind is my breath, The darkness my soul, The earth my embrace, I await my return.”

Those who have managed to access the web after midnight ensure that there is a kind of mini game, where you have to follow the clues in images in order to move to the next level, and if you manage to finish the game then you must write the name of Someone who has hurt you . After writing a name, Repleh is supposed to take revenge on that person, pursuing her in dreams. It is not known if it is an urban legend or a hoax, but if you dare you can visit the website below:  www.replehsnatas.com

Terrifying and Damn Internet Sites


At the heart of the Deep web

And now we are going to the deepest corners of the Internet: the Deep web. Also called Deep Internet, it is an area that lives beneath the surface of the usual browsers and search engines. Here, we find a curious game called “Sad Satan” , which can only be played on the Deep web. This game was allegedly discovered by a YouTube user named Jamie, responsible for a channel called “Obscure Horror Corner” , while surfing the Internet deep after receiving advice from a web surfer. After following some links and accessing the Internet deep through a special tool called Tor network, Jamie claimed to have found the game and have played.

The game is first person and supposedly starts in a dark hallway. The player has to reach into a dim and blinking light while listening to strange sounds. As the player approaches the light, the sounds become more sinister, panting and terrifying voices in the dark. Little by little the sinister corridor turns into a decrepit and unstable road. If the player continues through this madness he will finally come to a strange image that flashes on the screen for a few seconds. In fact, the game apparently displays subliminal images in the grotesque style. That’s the whole game, just walking through several corridors that are transformed with a total duration of 11 minutes.

But those who have played have experienced dizziness, fainting and panic attacks. Others claim to have suffered injuries in the “real world”. Apparently the game has disappeared from the Deep web as it contained a file with messages written in a kind of unintelligible gibberish. It has been speculated with the possibility that the video game is a deception or a demonic entity that uses it to own the players. You can watch the video of the game below.

The curse of Twitter

We talked about a web page, the Deep Web, and now we are social networks. There is a little-known Twitter account called “cursed images” , created in July 2016. If we access this account we find a variety of twisted images without any comment or explanation except to say that “all these images are cursed”. Far from being an account without any tracking, “cursed images” has managed to win hundreds of thousands of followers. Jia Tolentino, a journalist for the American magazine The New Yorker, called it “the most creepy variety of images on the Internet.”

Terrifying and Damn Internet Sites


Thousands and thousands of images, all taken from various sources and anonymously. All those who have seen the images claim to have felt discomfort, discomfort, and even repulsion. There have been rumors that in these images there is a malevolent presence, or even a curse. It is difficult to know who the administrator is, although the mysterious individual spoke to The New Yorker via email:

“Some people have said that I am a robot. The others think I’m a wretch with too much free time. But it does not matter the lack of context for the images. Whoever you think I am, that’s what I am. “

These are just some of the most terrifying stories on the Internet. Although this seems to create urban legends through the power of the web all over the world, is there any reality behind all this? To answer this question you just have to enter these websites and check it for yourself. Time will tell, but it seems that the Internet has its fair share of terrifying, even creepy, stories.


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