Bible study at home

5 Tips for Bible Study at Home

Prior to 2020, what is one thing you never thought you would have to do exclusively from home? For many churchgoers, the answer may be Bible study.

Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many outside activities were moved to an in-home setting. Though necessary, this transition has not always been easy.

But if there is anything the pandemic has emphasized, it’s just how okay it is to be imperfect. In these opportunities that force us to step outside our comfort zone, we find room for growth.

Read on below for five quick tips on how to improve your own Bible study, right from the comfort of your own home.

Bible Study at Home

1. Become Your Own Teacher

Especially when studying the Bible, everything is left up to interpretation. While this can lead to positive discussion, it can also open up the door to false teachers.

Ultimately, this holds the potential to lead us astray. This is where at-home Bible study methods provide the opportunity to learn and grow by guiding our own practice.

Your Humble Walk is one great resource for identifying and eliminating such false influences in our own Bible study.

2. Take Notes

One of the most effective ways to retain information is to perform active reading. This means going beyond a passive, simple scan of the text.

Rather, highlighting key verses can help bring to light the most important stories to remember.

Another good idea to better understand when reading His word is to create an outline of the text. This will help keep the important lessons organized and easy to remember.

Plus, when going back to review a chapter before meeting with a Bible study group, you will be that much more prepared.

3. Make Use of Resources Available

In light of modern-day challenges that have forced more Bible study sessions home, there are also many benefits. One example of this is the wealth of resources available to enhance our studies.

This includes movies, TV programs, podcasts, music, and many other publications. With the inclusion of these resources, we can grow our studies even deeper.

4. Stay Accountable

Even though it may feel more casual to study the Bible at home, it is critical that you keep your standards high. Remaining accountable is one of the most important parts of truly living the teachings of what you read.

This extends into our everyday lives, as well. Perhaps, reaching out to a friend or fellow churchgoer to set up accountability sessions could do the trick.

This could even be a once-weekly session, reflecting on our week and how we lived God’s word for ourselves. Ultimately, we must continue to remain accountable even when studying from home.

5. Don’t Get Discouraged

Above all, the most important tip is to stay motivated. Despite all of the challenges we face when reading the Bible from home, we must not lose sight of our end goal.

Try These Tips For Your Own At-Home Bible Study

With these tips in mind, you can improve your own at-home Bible study in no time. Try these tips out for yourself—you might just realize how much closer to God you may feel.

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  1. From the post:
    Prior to 2020, what is one thing you never thought you would have to do exclusively from home? For many churchgoers, the answer may be Bible study.

    It’s more than that….much more.
    I started to write a letter to my family about what is happening which turned into a website.
    Money has no value there and there is only one to follow…and it’s not me.
    At the top of the home page if nothing else read from God’s Family and God’s Church.

    Be ready to think for yourself.

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