Disturbing image on twitter that can collapse your mind

Who and what can you trust? Could extraterrestrials be transmitting through our televisions trying to manipulate our brains? Are we being watched by the government through our own portable camcorder? All this could be nothing more than stories invented on the Internet in recent years. But as we seek the truths of these questions, we find that we are becoming puppets controlled by a few.(Disturbing image on twitter)

Reflect for a moment how Facebook has persuaded many times for users to click on the “Like” button or react to a specific publication. Recent research revealed how social networks intend to keep you longer through related content. All this leads to the possibility that the Internet has become a tool of mind control to manipulate and control the masses. And if you still have doubts, you just have to look at the image that has been posted on Twitter that can make your brain collapse.(Disturbing image on twitter)

Beware of the image!

Recently, the Twitter user @ melip0ne asked his followers to identify only one thing that appears in a photograph . What should be easy, ends up being disturbing. The key is that the objects in the image look familiar, but it is completely impossible to identify any of them.

And how could it be otherwise, the mysterious image has created a stir among social networks. Since its publication on April 22, the tweet has garnered more than 77,000 likes , more than 32,000 retweets and more than 4,000 comments so far. But not all comments have been positive, as some have claimed to suffer stress, anxiety and severe headaches during and after looking at the image. There have also been many who believe that it is a mental control image, designed to manipulate our brains and in some cases even simulate the experience of having a stroke (especially in the occipital lobe of the cerebral cortex, where the brain is produced). (Disturbing image on twitter)

The origin of the mysterious image

So far no one knows the origin of this mysterious image, but Janelle Shane, an electrical engineering researcher who trains neural networks, believes that the viral image was probably digitally generated by  artificial intelligence (AI) . Shane told the scientific web portal Live Science that he was “95% sure” that this image was created by a neural network called BigGAN, an algorithm trained by Google to compose detailed photos from scratch.

“This type of neural network, called Antagonic Generative Network (GANs in English), learns to generate images from thousands of sample photos,” said Shane. “He trained to generate around 1,000 different categories of images, but the fun of GANs is that they can also be asked to generate images that are a mix of categories.”

The most disturbing of all is that objects are unrecognizable because they do not exist in the real world . Rather, they are digital compounds of multiple objects that have been mixed by the algorithm. Shane reviewed the controversial image using image recognition AI that had been trained in the same data set as BigGAN, and determined that “strange objects” probably derived from image categories such as a toy store, a bakery, and a supermarket. According to Shane, the interpretation of the AI ​​may be different enough to cause some discomfort, which makes the images generated by the AI ​​so disturbing.(Disturbing image on twitter)

“We see our world reflected again through something that is excellent for textures and lighting but does not understand the basics of how objects work,” concludes Shane.

The scientific explanation

And apparently, the image of @ melip0ne has reached the very scientific community, which says that trying to interpret an ambiguous image like this generates uncertainty, which can lead us to feel scared. According to Dr. Frank McAndrew, professor of psychology at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, he explains to Live Science that when a person is not sure if something could be harmful, it is normal to experience a sense of uneasiness, but clearly this image does not represents a threat, then, what is happening?

Disturbing image on twitter twitter disturbing brain image - Post on Twitter a disturbing image that can make your brain collapse

The answer that Dr. McAndrew offers to this question is that we can also be frightened by confusing the things that our brain does not understand, which makes it difficult for us to classify or understand what we are seeing. No matter how much you try to make sense of the image, your brain simply will not understand it. For his part, Dr. Steven Schlozman, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, believes that the most chilling comes from the attempts of our brains to recognize a pattern, concentrate on that pattern and then have the expected pattern continuously interrupted by another recognizable pattern.

“I swear I see a chimpanzee in that picture,” Schlozman explains. “But then it becomes something else, and then something else. I can not complete the puzzle. I can get some of that, but never enough to know what I’m seeing. ”  

In recent years it has been demonstrated how the Internet is controlling our minds, manipulating our decisions and our way of living. However, until now it was known that governments and large corporations were behind this manipulation, but it is also possible that artificial intelligence has learned the way to control us, and this image is proof of that.

So, what do you think of the photo? Have you been able to identify any object? What kind of sensations have you experienced? Do not hesitate to comment below.


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