Big Foot caught on surveillance camera installed for Forest Animals

A Big Foot is an ape-like creature that inhabits the woods.
Evidence of its existence is based on a number of disputed short videos, photographs, visual sightings, casts of large footprints, etc.

A lot of stories about such “hairy people” came from Native Americans who inhabited the forests, valleys, and mountains of the United States.
Some of these stories are very ancient and originated in the era when the ancestors of these Indians were just beginning to populate the American continent. 
In their legends and myths, these hairy, humanoid creatures were often called “giants covered with wool.”

They live in forests and mostly go for walks at night.
For some tribes, the Bigfoot was the guardian of nature, presented as a good-natured creature who had his own families and who could give people gifts.
However, other tribes described them as evil monsters that attack people, steal small children, and even eat people. 

This is the second reported Bigfoot sighting in Alberta, Canada in 2020, and there have been at least a dozen in the past few years.
The alleged area has a low human population and has prey in abundance for large predators.

Interestingly, a strange, large furry creature was recently caught on an animal surveillance camera installed somewhere in western Alberta, Canada.

Four cameras were installed in the forest to keep tracks of the movement of wild wolves.
The biologist who was working on this project did not expect to capture Big Foot.

It was speculated by people that it could have been a bear, but the upper part of the creature in the video is much more like the head and shoulders of a Gorilla.

The creature in the video is about 3 meters high and more than a meter wide. 
It moves slowly behind the tree, as if stepping foot to foot.

There is an assumption that the Bigfoot was here in ambush, since earlier the same camera filmed two deer in the same place, which quickly ran away.

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