Billy Corgan, from ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ Claims to have had an Encounter with a Reptilian (Billy Corgan alien encounter)

Billy Corgan, leader and composer of the band “The Smashing Pumpkins”, was one of the most famous musicians of alternative rock of the 90s, along with figures such as Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder and the Gallagher brothers.(Billy Corgan alien encounter)

Billy Corgan alien encounter

The musician, who still remains active, surprised his fans by sharing a frightening paranormal experience: he says he saw how an important record company executive began to transform into a “reptilian being”, one of the alleged extraterrestrial races that has They visit the Earth for a long time.(Billy Corgan alien encounter)

In an interview given to the famous American announcer Howard Stern, after he made a joke about the reptiles, Corgan suddenly became serious and said: “I have had paranormal experiences in my life that lend themselves to that category,” adding that he had witnessed ” a humanoid change “of a person of flesh and blood. “I’m getting red of this, but let’s say I was once with someone, an executive of a reputable record company and I saw a transformation that I can not explain rationally.”(Billy Corgan alien encounter)

When Howard Stern asked, “Has the person who was with you been transformed into something other than human?” Corgan replied categorically: “Yes, I saw it. I was totally sober. Imagine you are doing something, and suddenly you turn around, and there is someone else standing there. It is difficult to explain without going into details, but I prefer not to do so. It was one of the most intense, terrifying and inexplicable things I’ve ever been through . “(Billy Corgan alien encounter)Billy Corgan alien encounter

Corgan added that once this being became a reptile, this entity recognized what had happened. “I was shocked by what happened, but this being gave me to understand that human beings were condemned to suffer a long and painful agony .  ” “What did they tell you they were? Are they coming from another planet? “ Stern asked, to which Corgan replied ” they did not explain me and I can not say much more. It is a very disastrous story. I’m being vague on purpose, since my career and the well-being of my loved ones are at stake. All I can say is that demons exist. They are real. They are reptiles. That is why the Bible says that Eve was seduced by a serpent. A substitute reptile for the snake , “Corgan added.(Billy Corgan alien encounter)

He added that after witnessing the frightful transformation of this being, “everything in me shuddered; My neck, my head were shaken, my bones, muscles and organs, including my brain, were literally sore for days. I was shocked, but also so angry, I was really ready to kick the ass to this strange guy who changed from a simple human being to a reptile. “

The incredible revelation of Corgan put on the table one of the conspiracy theories that have gained most popularity in the last two decades and that is related to the presumed existence of reptilians, supposed humanoid beings with the appearance of a reptile that, infiltrated between us and taking advantage of their ability to change shape between the reptile and man, they would live in our society with the sole objective of subjugating their will and enslaving the human race.(Billy Corgan alien encounter)

“Humanity should not take these issues lightly. In all the civilizations of the Earth, in all the ancient world men are mentioned snakes. Although I can understand why someone does not believe what I am saying. It’s hard to talk about that. I did not believe either until I came face to face with one of them, “ the musician concluded.

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