Ex-Navy Officer Milton William Cooper Revealed Baffling Details Associated With Aliens

There are times when Government hides facts from the citizens of the country, and these days it has been alleged that the US Government on purpose hides much information associated with extra-terrestrials. In this article, we have discussed in detail the information which has been unraveled by a former Navy officer, Milton William Cooper and he eventually paid the price for revealing the hidden reality of top-secret government activities, groups, UFOs, and captured aliens.

A Group of Officers spotting a UFO (Milton William Cooper)
A Group of Officers spotting a UFO

Whether willingly or unwillingly, certain individuals are exposed to the terrible features of the system, it does not really depend on what they want. Also, there are many who often end up in a situation where they have little choice but to surrender their minds and souls in exchange for a job within a top-secret organization comprised of “influential” personalities.

In such situations, these whistleblowers will be classified as either delusional and insane, or they will be hushed. In the worst situations, they are put to rest. A similar thing happened with the former member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, Milton William Cooper. After revealing knowledge about top-secret government programs, organizations, extraterrestrials, and UFOs, he paid the ultimate price in his pursuit of peace and the truth.

UFOs have been reported to be spotted over ships a number of times.
UFOs have been reported to be spotted over ships a number of times.

“We have been thought lies. Reality is not at all what we perceive it to be. We cannot survive any longer by hanging onto the falsehoods of the past. Reality must be discerned at all costs if we are to be part of the future. Truth must prevail in all instances, no matter who it hurts or helps, if we are to continue to live upon this Earth.”

Milton William Cooper Commented.
Milton William Cooper
Milton William Cooper

During a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, a former member of the United States Navy divulged highly classified information regarding the secret agency known as MAJIC 12 or MJ-12 on 2 July 1989. What led to this revelation was a belief that the Navy did not receive a fair portion of the overall share, which intrigued the Navy to take matters into its own hands.

The issue which was highlighted during the webinar was the recently obtained alien technology derived through reverse-engineering ‘toys’ housed in the hidden locker room of select government entities.

Cooper took a solemn pledge before disclosing the knowledge he possessed about the CIA, NSA, MJ-12, US presidents, captured extraterrestrials, UFOs, and weapons of mass devastation.

“I, Milton William Cooper, do solemnly swear that the information contained in this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

“I swear that I saw this information in 1972 in the performance of my duties as a member of intelligence briefing team of the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet as a petty officer in the US Navy.

“I swear that I underwent hypnotic regression in order to make the information as accurate as possible. History will be the judge of me and this information and I have no fear of that judgment. I swear that this information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.”

Milton William Cooper

Formal Statements Issued By Milton William Cooper

The testimony made by the former Navy officer consisted of various details of utmost relevance. The details are mentioned below:

Project Grudge

Project Grudge, UFO Panel (Milton William Cooper)
Project Grudge, UFO Panel

It originally consisted of sixteen volumes of information accumulated since the commencement of the United States’ research into UFOs and IACs which stands for Identified Alien Crafts. The initiative was funded by cash gathered by the CIA through the illegal drug trade.

The objective of Project Grudge was to consolidate all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligence data gleaned from UFO and IAC encounters, with the added advantage of occasionally discovering extraterrestrial life forms. The United States Space Program has made use of this extensive data collecting.

Former President Eisenhower ordered the Jason Society which was a secret organization, to go through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies, and deception with the purpose of uncovering the true aspect of the extraterrestrial world. The group consisted of 32 most prominent persons in the United States at the time.

Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Welsh Dulles, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, President of the Trilateral Commission from 1973 to 1976, and Dr. Henry Kissinger, coordinator of the scientific people, were the in-charge of the group  

The top 12 members were identified as the leaders of the MJ-12 control group that functioned within the Jason Society and exercised complete authority over all matters.

President Kennedy was murdered by MJ-12 after he threatened to inform the public about the existence of aliens and UFOs. He was assassinated by a secret service operative who was driving his automobile, and this is concealed from public view in the film.

The secret elites responsible for MJ-12 and the Jason Society were said to have a site in Maryland that was only accessible through the air. It was known as “The Country Club” and was equipped with living, recreational, and other spaces for team building without interruption.

Top Secret Information.
Top Secret Information.

Project Aquarius

It is a project that explains the known history of aliens on Earth and how they have interacted with humans over the last 25,000 years. It ends with the Basques, who live in a mountainous area on the border of France and Spain, and the Syrians.

Project Pounce

This project is particularly based on bringing back all crashed spaceships and their cargo, including the aliens that were found on board.

Project Redlight

It was a project based on fixing and flying the alien ships that had been found. The project was conducted at Nevada’s AREA 51. It was based on the idea that aliens had given humans a few flying saucers and also assist them in flying the saucers. The first project was successful in that a plane that had been fixed and was flown, but blew up in the air, killing both pilots. At that time, the project was put on hold until the aliens agreed to help us.

Project Luna

It has been alleged that an alien base exists on the Moon’s dark side. The Apollo Astronauts saw it and took pictures of it. There is a base, a mining operation with big machines, and a very big spaceship called a “Mothership”, interestingly it has been reported by the Apollo astronauts themselves. 

Excalibur: A Powerful Weapon

This weapon has the capability to destroy underground alien bases. It’s a missile that can go through more than 3,000 feet of hard, packed soil like the kind in New Mexico without breaking down.

Different Forms of Aliens

As per the papers, four different kinds of Extraterrestrials exist which are listed below:

  1. LARGE-NOSED GREY, which has an agreement with our species.
  2. The GREY who generally work for the large-nosed grey and are associated with human abduction.
  3. The blonde aliens are known as the Nordics.
  4. The ones with the red hair are referred to as the ORANGE.

EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)

It is the name that was allotted to the aliens who were held hostage after the much-known Roswell crash of 1947. However, the alien later died in captivity.


KRLLL was a hostage left behind by the extraterrestrials at the first Holloman. KRLLL was left as a pledge that aliens would perform the basic part of their agreement that was decided during the meeting. After a passage of time, KRLLL became sick and was nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza who later emerged as an expert in alien bio-technology.

Home-Sapiens Made from Hybridization

It has been claimed by Milton William Cooper that humans were created by extraterrestrials and the RH negative blood is proof of the same. It has also been claimed that even religion was originated by them and Jesus Christ is their own invention. There have been several alien crafts that have been discovered by aliens such as the Roswell, Texas, Mexico, and other places.

Alien Abductions

Humans are being abducted by aliens long before 1972. The document asserts that both animals and humans have been abducted and mutilated every now and then. Many of them disappeared leaving no traces behind.

Over time, aliens used to collect sperm, tissues, and oval samples by carrying out surgical procedures. A number of circular gadgets are embedded in sizes 40 to 80 microns to the optic nerve in the cerebrum. In several cases, the attempt to remove the device has eventually led to the death of such abductees. The report assessed that 1 in every 40 individuals had been embedded. The embed was said to give the aliens complete control of the unaware humans.

The Assassination Of Milton William Cooper

William Cooper wasn’t precisely a forerunner of informants. As a matter of fact, numerous different militaries and government workforce had been terminated before their endeavors of unveiling this hidden reality.

Cooper was sufficiently fortunate to reside and tell the story, to some extent for some time, however, he was eventually killed on November 5, 2001, inside his home in Arizona. Well, these are extremely interesting facts that have been shared by a former navy officer. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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