Biologists cannot explain the frightening howls in a Canadian forest

As the story goes, the Wendigo was a lost hunter. During a brutally cold winter, this man’s intense hunger led him to cannibalism.(howls in a Canadian forest)

After having a feast with the flesh of another human, he transformed into a crazed beast, wandering the woods in search of more people to eat.

 Wendigo’s history comes from Algonquian Native American folklore, and the exact details vary according to who is asked. Some people who have claimed to have encountered the beast say it is similar to a Bigfoot. But other reports compare the Wendigo with a werewolf.

Since the Wendigo is said to be a creature of cold weather, most sightings have been recorded in Canada, as well as in much colder northern states such as Minnesota.

 At the beginning of the 20th century, the Algonquin tribes believed that many disappearances of unsolved people were the fault of Wendigo’s attacks. The creature is considered an insatiable predator, however, it is not the largest or most muscular beast that exists. 

Although he is said to be almost 5 meters tall, its body is described as emaciated. Perhaps this can be attributed to the notion that it is never satisfied with its cannibal impulses. Obsessed with the hunt for new victims, it is hungry forever until it eats a person. But now we can have evidence of its existence.

A great creature

A series of howls and screams registered in a Canadian forest has left hunters and biologists baffled. Gino Meekis was hunting grouse with his wife and grandson in the forests of northwestern Ontario, Canada, more than 50 km from the nearest city, when they heard a series of howls in a Canadian forest.

“When he let out the first shout, I thought it was a moose, but I changed my mind when he shouted again and again,” Meekis told Vice.

Meekis, an inhabitant of Sioux Lookout, is an avid hunter and is accustomed to the sights and sounds of the region. Elk, black bears and wolves are relatively common in the area.

“I have heard many different animals in nature, but nothing like this,” Meekis continued. “I grew up hunting with my grandfather during the first 12 years of my life.”

The howls were initially heard from a distance, but soon they seemed to get much closer.

“We could hear him move … it sounded a bit heavy,” the hunter explained to the Canadian television network CTV News“But my wife got scared … she picked up [our grandson] and started walking quickly towards the vehicle.”

After his family was in a safe place, Meekis took out his phone and began recording the mysterious howls, as well as his grandson trying to imitate them. 

The video, posted on YouTube, has received more than one million views so far. Some speculated that the sounds could come from a brown bear. While the species has never been recorded in the region, a recent study found that its range of progress is dramatically greater than originally thought. Others speculated that it could be a big wolf.

But the video also sparked speculation that it offered evidence of the Bigfoot or Wendigo, two legendary cryptids that are said to roam the Canadian forests.

howls in a Canadian forest

 As we have commented previously, in the case of Wendigo, it is considered an evil spirit that can induce psychosis. The Algonquian people say that, during the turn of the 20th century, a large number of their people mysteriously disappeared. 

The tribes attributed many of the disappearances to the Wendigo, calling it the “spirit of lonely places. ” Another translation is “the evil spirit that devours humanity. ” This translation is related to another version of the wendigo that states that it has the power to curse humans by possessing them.

Different versions of the legend say different things about their speed and agility. Some claim that it is unusually fast and can withstand walking for long periods of time, even in severe winter conditions. 

Others say he walks in a more emaciated way. But speed would not be a necessary skill for a monster of this nature.

Unlike other carnivores, Wendigo does not depend on chasing its prey to capture and eat it. Rather, one of its features mentioned is its ability to imitate human voices.

 He uses this ability to attract people and keep them from civilization. Once they are isolated in the desolate depths of the desert, they delight in them.

For their part, the biologists of the Ontario Ministry of Resources and Forestry are skeptical that the sounds come from an unidentified creature, but they also admit that they do not know what it is, spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski said in a statement sent by email to Canadian media

“Our biologists say it could be a larger mammal, for example, a wolf, but because it is a considerable distance from the recorder there is no way to know for sure,” says the statement.

What do you think of the scary sound? Is it the howl of a great animal? Or could it be the Bigfoot or Wendigo?

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