Declassified FBI Report describes ethereal aliens and creatures from other dimensions

According to an FBI agent’s declassified report, in 1947, aliens flew to Earth, whose homeland is not on the material, but on an etheric planet. 
Their ships can move from the etheric world to the material world and back.

Netizens have found a 69-page document on UFOs and aliens on the FBI’s official website. 
It is reported that the document was declassified back in 2011. 

Part of the document is especially stained with black paint to make it difficult to copy and read, but most of it looks quite recognizable. 
All pages of the report can be viewed here.

The report describes several UFO and alien sightings that occurred in 1947 in the United States. 
All these cases were collected by an unspecified FBI agent, whose identity remains anonymous to this day. 
However, it is indicated that after 1947, for many years he tried not only to collect such cases, but also analyzed them for national security purposes.

According to the declassified FBI report, not only the creatures living on other planets visit Earth, but also the entities from other dimensions. 
Some of these beings come from the so-called etheric plane that coexists with our physical universe. 
These entities can materialize on our planet as giant translucent figures.

Some important excerpts from the declassified FBI report:

1. Part of the UFO is carried by the crews; others are remotely controlled.

2. Their mission is peaceful. And they are only on their ships (that is, they have no ground bases?)

3. These aliens are similar to humans, but much larger in size.

4. They are not hybrids or copies of earthly people, but come from their own world.

5. They do not come from the physical planet, but from the etheric planet, which permeates on its own and is not perceived by us.

6. The bodies of the aliens and their ship will automatically materialize upon entering the vibration of our dense matter.

7. Disks (UFOs) possess radiant energy or a beam that will easily destroy any ship attacking them. 
They return to the etheric space at will and therefore disappear without a trace from our field of vision.

8. The area from which they originate is not the same “astral” about which esoteric teachings tell. 
However, it is similar to the concept of “Loka” in Sanskrit, which in Indian religions means “kingdom of dwelling”. 
These are separate worlds in which different creatures live. 

9. Most likely, they cannot be reached with the help of radio signals, but it is possible with the help of radar, if special equipment is developed for this.

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