Terrifying Black Eyed Children

The Terrifying Black Eyed Children: Hypnosis, Shape-Shifting Reptilians And More

The Black Eyed Children were scary and were quite inhuman. There are a few things that many individuals may not know about the Black-Eyed Children. First, there is a case of mind control or hypnosis.

The Black Eyed Children Encounter

A resident of Tecumseh, Oklahoma named Martin had an encounter with the Black Eyed Children in March 2011 and was interviewed just a few weeks afterward. In his interview, Martin told that he was at home when he had one of the scariest encounters one could ever imagine.

Around 8:30 p.m., there was that knock on the door that so many victims of the Black Eyed Children have since heard but wished they hadn’t. Martin thought it would be his immediate neighbor Rex who took in any packages in Martin’s absence that is why he didn’t bother to peek through the spy-hole. It was unfortunate that as soon as he opened the door he discovered that it wasn’t Rex.

Martin upon discovering that a boy and a girl –both around eleven or twelve years of age with big black, eerie-looking eyes was standing at the door got the shock of his life. The girl was wearing jeans along with a long-sleeved black colored top while the boy was dressed in an omnipresent black hoodie. Both girl and boy appeared frail and skinny, also it seemed like they were in desperate need of a good meal.

Martin had no idea that this was exactly why they were there. Martin never believed in the supernatural elements so he had never heard of the Black Eyed Children phenomena and could only stand there and gaze at their bemused expressions, believing at first that this was a joke. The Black-Eyed Children, on the other hand, were not laughing. They stood hand in hand and were continuously staring at Martin, their face lacked any emotions yet a sense of evilness could be felt.

During the interview, Martin told that when the girl asked for food as they were homeless it seemed like it was some sort of trick and is performed by them to deceive their victims. The scariest part of the encounter was that at one instance Martin almost felt hypnotized by those large black eyes and he felt like something is stopping him from quickly shutting the door. Later he was finally able to get out from the evil magic and shut the door. One could logically conclude that Martin was a victim of full-fledged mind control.

Terrifying Black Eyed Children
Black-Eyed Children

Now let us look into the case of Shape-Shifting. Anna lives near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the famed location where the fabled, blazing-eyed Mothman was first spotted in 1966 and was immortalized in John Keel’s classic book The Mothman Prophecies. On a late Saturday night back in October 2012, Anna had a frightening encounter with two Black-Eyed Children. Anna and her co-worker were spending a night at a local factory resting and watching television, suddenly around 11:10 p.m, there was a knock at the door.

Anna peeked through the spy hole and noticed two boys wearing common black hoodies standing next to each other. Anna asked them what they wanted but she got no answer, so Anna opened the door while it was still attached to a chain for safety. On watching the two boys she was terrified, the boys had big black eyes and had milky white skin color.

While looking at his feet one of the boys said “We need food” in a robotic voice. The things deteriorated, as Anna continued to look at the boys an unnatural green glow surrounded the boys, and within a few seconds, the boys transformed themselves into two monstrous lizards. Both the lizard stood upright and measured almost eight feet tall, the monstrous duo possessed large projecting jaws loaded with razor-sharp teeth.

They did nothing and disappeared into the darkness after 20 seconds. Just after the incident, Anna thought of contacting the police officials but soon she realized that reporting such a paranormal incident to the police would not help her rather it would get her in deep trouble. So instead she quickly packed up her belongings and dashed to her car. She went to her mother’s place just over the Ohio River and stayed there for three days. So if someone ever gets a late-night knock at the door open it with extreme caution.

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