House Surveillance Camera Captures A Creepy Figure Peeking Out Of The Corner

A chilling video that shows a creepy figure peeping from a distance surfaced online lately and sparked a lively discussion about what it might be 

Many are sure that the video is of an ordinary robber in a mask, however, it is believed by many that the camera indeed filmed something paranormal.
The video was filmed on a surveillance camera installed in a private house in which only a single elderly woman lives. 
Interestingly, that night, the sensor lights in the room were turned on by themselves in response to movement.
 Also, the old woman regularly hears some kind of noise at night on the first floor of her house but this was the first time when something strange was captured by the house surveillance camera.

When the old woman looked through the recording from the surveillance camera, what she saw was beyond her understanding.
The lady saw an eerie head that leaned out of the side doorway and suddenly a light came in the room.
The creepy figure looked up a little as the light entered and then disappeared a second later.

The old woman reportedly filed a complaint with the police, but even if it was a masked robber, then his purpose of being in the house was completely incomprehensible since nothing was hacked, stolen, opened, or damaged. 
If nothing was used or missing from the house, then what was the purpose of the robber to break in.
This prompted many to believe that the surveillance camera at the lady’s house indeed had captured some sort of paranormal figure.

Many people believe that if it was a masked robber, then it turns out that he regularly comes to the lady’s house, judging by how often the woman hears strange noise downstairs, but does nothing which is really strange and unreasonable for a robber.
Also, a creepy head only once got on the surveillance camera, and the camera did not record anything unusual. 
However, the video is creepy in itself, and this head is clearly not something that one would like to see at night in their home. 

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  1. Oh look, it’s the womans nephew wearing a halloween mask while she snaps a picture using her autoflash. Lol.

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