Candice Merli’s Mysterious Death: Died After Claiming Voices In Her Head Went Silent

A Canadian female TikTok blogger died suddenly shortly after uploading a video claiming that the voices in her head had gone silent.

36-year-old Candice Merli was a fairly popular blogger on the TikTok video service, in the West such people are called an influencer (this is someone who has some kind of influence on society). 

Two days before her death, Candace, a single mother, uploaded a short video with the words ” I hate it when the voices in my head are silenced because then I don’t know what the hell is going to happen.”

Prior to this strange video, Candice had not uploaded anything out of the ordinary. She had a series of Christmas clips in which Merli played with her cat named Stash and treated herself to a beer while wishing the audience a “Happy New Year”.

At the time of her death, Candice Merli had about 17,000 subscribers, but after she passed away and her video of “voices” went viral, the number of subscribers skyrocketed to 32,000. 

Candice Merli

Two days after the video about the “voices in my head” on the page of the GoFundMe website, which collects charitable funds, a post appeared from Candice’s sister – Marsha McAvoy.

“We got some news that no one wants to hear, we lost a huge part of our family tonight, my sister Candice. It was very unexpected and our hearts are torn apart. Candace was so full of life and always had her own way,” Marsha wrote.

For some reason, she didn’t state the cause of her sister’s death, which is quite unusual as most fundraisers on GoFundMe post detailed posts about why they need money and support.

In just a few days, more than $17,000 was raised, which, as Marsha wrote, will go to cover the costs of the funeral of Candice Murley, and the remaining money will be transferred to trust management of Candice’s son, Maxwell.

Meanwhile, Candice’s TikTok followers have been discussing what may have caused her death and looking for a connection to her demise with her mysterious latest video. 

Some have speculated that Merli died due to drug use and criticized TikTok for “glorifying her addiction”.

“A lot of people here are really focused on the online bullying and negative comments that Candace has received. Yes, this has definitely been a serious issue, but please don’t ignore the fact that this is a clear sign that mental illness, addictions, and substance abuse can do to a human,” wrote a user with the nickname Not Benard.

Another commenter added: 

“Anyone who’s watched her lately and says ‘she was just having fun’ or ‘she looked so happy’ and ‘so what if she’s on drugs or drinking’ should really think about what happened here and realize that not only negative comments can do harm, but also people turning a blind eye.”

Meanwhile, some others have put forward far more bizarre theories about possession, mental illness, “programmed death” and other conspiracy theories. 

Fortunately, the lion’s share of the comments simply expressed condolences and wrote about how sweet Candice was. 

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