China made the first quantum teleportation from Earth to orbit!!

Chinese experts for the first time sent from Earth to the satellite facility. Photon covered a distance of more than 500 km and teleported to “Mo-tsu”, the first satellite for quantum communications.(quantum)

“We report the first quantum teleportation of an independent single-photon qubit from terrestrial observatory satellite into orbit around the Earth – through the uplink channel – at distances up to 1400 km,” – said in a statement the Chinese scientists.(quantum)

Last year, launched from the Baikonur Jiuquan in the Gobi desert moon “Mo-tse”. The rocket “Long March-2D» led him into sun-synchronous orbit, meaning it passes over any point on Earth at about the same local time. It is equipped with highly sensitive optical receiver that can detect quantum states of individual photons, launched from Earth.(quantum)

And now the team “Mo-tse” announced the results of the first experiment to create a quantum communication network and transmitting the first object from Earth into orbit.

Teleportation has already become a common operation in quantum optics. It is based on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, where two quantum object, in this case – the photon, are formed in the same time and place, and have the same wave functions. Even if they are divided into long distance relationship between them continue measuring one will have an impact on the state of the other.(quantum)

Theoretically, the distance should not affect the teleportation, but the confusion is easy to disrupt. Past experiments were limited to 100 km, but “Mo Ti” was able to transmit a signal from the height of 500 km to 1400 km zenith when it is near the horizon, and most of this distance a photon moved in vacuo. In order to minimize the influence of the atmosphere, Chinese scientists have placed a ground station in Ngari, Tibet, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters.(quantum)

After starting the one of the pair of photons with the second land, they measured to confirm that the confusion occurred. During the 32 days they were sending millions of photons and found positive results in 911 cases, according to the MIT Technology Review, .(quantum)

Ground quantum communication line was built also in China. As long as its length is 260 km, and it connects Shanghai and Hangzhou, providing for the needs of local officials, bankers and directors of companies. And in the future it will i(ncrease the size of up to 2000 km.(quantum)

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